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  1. Matchup between two teams picked to win their districts. Tenaha is looking for revenge from last season's 22-6 loss at Joaquin.
  2. I saw Durham last night at Oakwood's scrimmage. He looks ready to play some basketball. Oakwood's going to miss his arm during football, but they should still be a dangerous team.
  3. Well, I applaud them for not shying away from anyone and scheduling some tough competition, like Tenaha.
  4. +1 I think this could be said about most of the games that Alto plays this season.
  5. Not my choice, Greezy. I have to go where they send me and this is my schedule for the season.
  6. I'll be working on the visitors' side, Doomer, but I'll pass the word along
  7. My Schedule: Week 0 - Joaquin @ Tenaha Week 1 - Shepherd @ Woodville Week 2 - Orangefield @ Newton Week 3 - Maud @ Beckville Week 4 - Crossroads @ Groveton Week 5 - Tenaha @ San Augustine Week 6 - Hardin @ Kirbyville Week 7 - West Sabine @ Alto Week 8 - Cushing @ Shelbyville Week 9 - San Augustine @ Alto Week 10 - Deweyville @ Groveton It will depend on the playoffs. I'll take whatever assignments are available. LOL
  8. I was under the impression that the games would be at Shotwell again.
  9. Three-way scrimmage in Corrigan this Thursday with Alto and Palestine Westwood. I'm looking forward to CC and Alto squaring off with both teams picked to win their districts. Westwood is going to be down this year from what I understand.
  10. I know, this place wouldn't be the same without Doomer. Tru storie
  11. 9-1A D1 The real District of Doom(er) LOL
  12. And NW's fighting an uphill battle now. They changed coaches less than a month before the season starts. Not good.
  13. We'll see this week. Groveton's got Garrison at home. Friday night at 6pm
  14. I look for him to be a hybrid receiver/running back. Would love to see him turn into a Marquise Goodwin type player.
  15. I will say this about Grapeland. If they give the ball to Pat Pat 40 times a game they've got a shot. He was the only consistent offensive weapon the Sandies had.
  16. Really? Grapeland was gassed. They're not going to last long with only 19 kids. Groveton dominated the scrimmage and if they hadn't been jacking around with passes and kept the ball on the ground they would've scored five times in the controlled scrimmage. Quit living a pipe dream Grapeland fans. The only team the Sandies beat in district is Cushing. Period.
  17. I'm looking forward to all the games in this District. And I'm pretty sure I'll have an up close look at just about everyone. That being said, I see the district shaping up this way: 1. Alto 2. SA 3. WS 4. Grapeland 5. Shelbyville 6. Cushing
  18. The kid from Yoakum (my wife's hometown) really showed out, too. Keith Ratley went 7 grabs for 165, 2 TDs and a 2pt conv. He's finally committed to A&M-Commerce. It was really sad that NO ONE was taking a look at the kid until after the All-Star game. He's got some mad skills, too.
  19. They pick the number of 5A schools they want then the number of 1A school and then fill in the middle. 3A (now about to be 4A) gets the leftovers. That's why there's such a division. You get a school with an enrollment over 1000 playing a school with an enrollment of 450.
  20. East Texas is not indicative of the rest of the state. The cutoff number will be 800-750 IMO for Class 4A D1.
  21. Oh, it gets better guys! Aug. 16th Shelbyville at Timpson.....9:00 AM!!!! Also: Aug. 16th Groveton at Grapeland....6:00 PM Aug. 17th 4-way scrimmage at Apple Springs....6:00 PM (not sure of all teams involved)
  22. I expect to see a few 5 teams districts in "New" Class 4A (old 3A), and "New" Class 3A (old 2A). And with four teams going to the playoffs in each, that'll mean only one team from said district won't make it to the post season. What craziness!
  23. This item is already on the UIL agenda. One of the things being discussed is for the district champion to host the first-round playoff game.
  24. Maxpreps has updated stats on the Eagles. Dean (#2) is 36-for-70 for 860 yards passing with 9 TDs and 0 INTs, a QBR of 136. He also has 63 carries for 777 yards rushing and 16 TDs, along with 30 tackes and 4 picks on defense.
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