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  1. No. 10 Oklahoma No. 3 Oregon No. 25 Texas Tech Vanderbilt No. 24 Wisconsin Michigan No. 22 Arizona State No. 21 UCF Texas No. 1 Alabama Tiebreaker: Baylor's total offense (yards) vs Oklahoma 465
  2. My score was fairly close, but my record was garbage. I predicted FSU 41-20.
  3. No, football is actually a 1-0 loss, according to NCAA rules.
  4. More interesting question....not that it matters, since Jasper is locked into Div. 1 and Center into Div. 2....but will Center pull off the upset?
  5. Everyone play nice! I didn't start this thread for it to become a bash someone's school thread. If you can't keep it to simply reporting playoff scenarios, I'll report you. Wait..what am I thinking? EVERY thread becomes a bash someone's school thread. Ummmm, nevermind...carry on!
  6. I want a link that shows the enrollments throughout the whole state. Where is that?
  7. Well, those snapshot numbers are all well and good, but Smoaky doesn't cover the school I'm interested in....can you give me a link where I can find Gonzales, Cuero and Yoakum enrollment numbers?
  8. Well, I DID go to college in Austin, so I don't yet have a high school education, some would say.
  9. Congrats to the Mavs. The foundation is there to build on. I expect the Mavs to do even greater things next year.
  10. Good point...and Bama will probably play Misery or the Cocks and they'll only be a Top 15 team, at best. Especially if it's the Cocks.
  11. Well, I started that when the Native Americans played the Cattle Managers, and I've kind of kept it going every since. Renaming the Eagles was a pain in the butt, though.
  12. Dago29's BCS Standings 1. Texas 2. Arizona State 3. Notre Dame 4. the other 122 teams Okay, seriously, my observations are this....FSU will not be able to stay up in the top 2 unless they absolutely blow every other opponent out. The 'Noles won't see another team with a winning record until the ACC Championship Game, and that'll probably be a rematch with Miami. Oregon still has Stanford and Oregon State to play, Bama has LSU and Auburn, and both have the Conference Championship game. Unless either one slips up somewhere, it WILL be Bama v. Oregon in the NC Game.
  13. In 12-2AD2, Corrigan is the DC and Anderson-Shiro is the #4 seed. Deweyville plays at Groveton Friday night for 2nd and 3rd.
  14. Shelbyville dominates lesser competition, but struggles against the good teams, giving up wayyyyyy too many points. I like Alto in this one.
  15. Friday Night Rivals reported the score as 1-0 (forfeit). Every other place I looked had the score as 100-0.
  16. And I doubt going 10-6 is going to improve on being the #4 seed. I see the Seahawks, Saints and Packers all finishing better than 10-6.
  17. Ya gotta love the new fourth team in the playoffs in 2A and 3A. Making 0-fer teams relevant in Week 10. LOL
  18. I think 10-6 is a possibility, but 9-7 is likely. I see four games that need to be must-wins...Oakland, NYG, Washington and Philly. If the Cattle Managers can sneak up on NOLA, GB or Da Bears they could get the coveted 10-6 mark that would ensure a playoff spot. With that said, I still stand by my 8-8 prediction made by at the beginning of the season.
  19. Awesome job Mean Green! Good to see my 2nd college choice (I ended up picking Texas over UNT) doing well this season.
  20. Apple Springs is already in the playoffs. They host Oakwood Friday night at Nelson Davis Field in a winner-take-all game for the district crown. The loser in this one gets Fannindel, so a win would be preferred.
  21. It boils down to this last week, so some of the scenarios are a lot clearer than they were last week. What's it gonna take for your team to get in to The Show? Are they already in? Going for a district title? Hoping that someone loses so they don't go to Division 1?
  22. +1 Maybe the next couple of seasons. The Big H's underclassmen teams have looked pretty good this year, while Diboll has been pretty awful up and down the ranks.
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