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  1. Bwahahahahahahahahaha....that's what you say!
  2. Oregon State Virginia Tech South Carolina Michigan Nebraska Arizona Georgia TCU Oklahoma State Florida State *Tiebreaker: Score of Miami-FSU 41-20 FSU
  3. GRRRR! How is it that I'm always a game back??? I think there's a conspiracy to hold me back, LOL!
  4. Wow, MavGrad, I am in awe of your prognosticating prowess. The uber-rare perfect week of predictions. Against the spread, well.....
  5. I don't see TCU being capable of putting up 20 points in the fourth quarter. I'mma have to call it ballgame. Texas and Baylor sit atop the Big 12 with 4-0 marks.
  6. I just don't see them knocking off A&M. USC has a pretty winable conference schedule the rest of the way. Clemson in the finale won't matter because it's not a conference game.
  7. Misery just prematurely ejaculated all over the place. They've gotta hope they can run the table now. USC and the HBC pretty much hold their destiny in their hands again.
  8. Tech will be lucky to win one of those two. Then again, they do have a little defense....perhaps they slow Baylor down enough to win.
  9. Mother Nature 1, Football 0
  10. WOW @ double penalties against the offense. I thought it would be DPI against Duke Thomas for sure.
  11. Well, I know one school that wanted to take their beating like men. The Cushing coach was screaming at the officiating crew for a running clock late in the game when the Bearkats were losing to Shebbyville 54-6. He told the crew that he didn't ask for a running clock, but they were running it from up in the press box. Several times the crew was signaling to stop the clock, but it kept running.
  12. Murray is expect to play. Ware is expected to be out.
  13. I saw this coming, but only because I've seen both teams up close. It's amazing how many points West Sabine's offense can put up with a.....ummmm, let's say, methodical....approach. You would think that a team that's putting up 50 points a game consistently would be a no-huddle, hurry-up type of spread offense, but the Tigers are just very good at what they do. With that win, they most likely coast into the district championship, considering they play the bottom two teams in the district (Cushing, Grapeland) the last two weeks.
  14. Apple Springs 68, Chester 12 Another win by The Apple puts them in the playoffs. It's a long trip down to High Island next week, but the Cards aren't playing very well.
  15. I think the game as a whole is changing. Passing the ball is the new way to move down the field. The running game is going by the wayside, and if the ball's being run it's by the QB. This isn't our fathers' football anymore.
  16. It boils down to two things for Saban.... (1) Money (2) Challenge Texas has plenty of both...the challenge of rebuilding a program and winning a NC at a third school, and the deep, deep, deep pockets of the alumni. I mean, when the band director can go to DeLoss Dodds and demand that the band be put up in a nice hotel, travel by charter jets, etc., and the AD doesn't bat an eye..........
  17. And STILL no talk about alcohol? Come on, I thought this was a TABC thread!
  18. Jasper has started winning finally, taking their last two (including one over a JV team), but Carthage will still win this one by 50.
  19. Rutgers Northwestern No. 16 Texas A&M No. 9 Clemson Kansas State No. 15 Oklahoma No. 3 Oregon No. 21 South Carolina Texas No. 6 Stanford Tiebreaker: Baylor's total yards against Kansas…in the first quarter. 132
  20. How was that officiating crew that had to come all the way from Ft. Worth? Hope S'ville has fun paying for that crew and the crew that they scratched.
  21. This thread is misleading....I thought this was about the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and they were ranking the best hard liquor.
  22. Plus, if the officials had missed the call, the SEC would have issued a reprimand on Sunday. Has anyone heard if that happened?
  23. The tackle started two yards before he was brought down. That's not a horse collar tackle. He has to be brought down immediately...like 2 yards behind where he was finally tackled. The HCT is the most misunderstood rule of all time. Everybody wants it called on plays that it doesn't happen and then they're urinated off when it IS called.
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