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  1. South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ole Miss, and aTm to close....not an easy schedule by any means, but with a two-game lead in the division, Misery is looking to punch their ticket to Hotlanta.
  2. I would certainly love to make $100 most of the time. I only make $100 when I go to do several sub-varsity games on a Thursday night and have to drive 60-plus miles one way to get to my destination.
  3. The Cattle Managers did good this week against America's National Birds. I think if they run the table in the division it's all over but the crying. NFC Least (Politically Correct) Dallas Cattle Managers Philadelphia America's National Birds Washington Native Americans New York People with Glandular Issues
  4. Don't ever second guess my Arizona State Sun Devils! They'll put the fork in ya!
  5. I've been a part of a UIL Basketball chapter and the training they offer is worse than what we're getting with TASO. Trust me, you DON'T want UIL involved in officiating. Let them focus on what they're good at, and let TASO work with the officials.
  6. Them Misery Tiggers might just roll on into the SEC Championship.
  7. Okay, raise your hand if you had Bama/Mizzou in the SEC Championship Game?
  8. To me, it didn't look like a horse collar. Manziel didn't go down immediately (by definition if the ball carrier advances even a foot beyond the tackle, it is not a horse collar tackle). The referee was standing right there.
  9. When my team doesn't score 100 in a game, I just hit the reset button and start the game over. LOL
  10. I will offer my opinion, just briefly. This season in our chapter we have had more first-year officials on the field on Friday nights than we have ever had in the four years I've been officiating. Numbers are down in every officiating chapter. We need more people to step up and come officiate. There's the old adage that if you think you can do better.... Well, I'm not saying that. I'm saying that if you'd like to see the level of officiating improve we need more numbers. It's great exercise, you'll learn alot about the game that you only thought you knew (I have a different appreciation for the game in the last four years), and you'll make a little money (emphasis on LITTLE). So, come on out and put your penalty flag where your mouth is. Please...we need more officials.
  11. I think that WS plays ball control and still wins a shootout. Those kids are very good at executing their offense. The only reason they didn't run away and hide from Alto is because they kept shooting themselves in the foot with penalties.
  12. Sville can't stop anybody. They've given up 52 and 69 in consecutive weeks.
  13. I think Huntington has beaten Diboll once and Rusk once in school history. Their only 2 district wins...ever!
  14. I'm sure that the Riders will pick up at least one more win in district, over the Devils. I think the matchup that interests me the most is who's gonna wind up second. Jasper is struggling through a down season and the Riders could have just enough to surprise the Jasper Bulldogs. As for this one, though, Carthage rolls.
  15. Dinner tonight at Troup and The Loop.
  16. Ha! Texas will be fortunate to finish 6-6 and play in the PinStripe Bowl in NYC.
  17. JMO, but I would think this needs to be a must-win for Nac. I don't see them besting JT or WH, so wins over Cana and Lindale are what the doctor prescribes.
  18. Prayers for the Shorter family and the Newton Eagles. I don't think this slows down the Eagle attack, though.
  19. I was truly shocked that ou didn't even think about using Bell as a rushing option last week. I mean, look at the game films against Texas and tell me that they're not the worst team in the country against running QBs.
  20. Doesn't matter who starts at QB for the Texans.... Big Red (and man do I mean BIG...have you seen how those shirts Andy Reid wears are screaming because they can't stretch any further)...35 Texans...15
  21. I will say.... Cattle Managers 28 Native American Birds 26
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