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  1. I could probably research and eventually find it, but what type/style offenses made the State Championship this year! Trying to settle a debate! Thanks
  2. Prayers for the EF spectator and family
  3. Atleast HS doesn't have to worry about any facemask penalties tonight, since apparently EF doesn't wear them
  4. Yes HS @Winsboro has been canceled so as it looks HS wont play again till week 6 @ Diana
  5. Quick look is HS, EF, Waskom jockeying for the top spot
  6. If you do East/West then you do the above mentioned and Commerce and you have East / West besides Jefferson being the odd one
  7. Atlanta, Jefferson, New Boston, Winnsboro, Mount Vernon and someone else
  8. Im not sold on Tatum and Atlanta being in the same district. Tatum stays around the I20 area and Atlanta stays I30
  9. Got on the Ipad and got it to work! Fumble, all day everyday and twice on Friday's
  10. When i click the link this is what it takes me to, oh well
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