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  1. Ok I need a little clarification and understanding from someone that was at the game. A kid from Marshall was called for targeting against Denison and marked the yardage off (I personally didn’t think it was from my vantage point) but he got to continue to play in the game. I just didn’t understand the call and how he was allowed to continue to play.
  2. Disclaimer this isn’t a rag on the coaches or the QB, but did anyone else seem to think the QB never scanned his receivers and it was almost always he was throwing to a predetermined receiver
  3. I remember this game well @ SFA. I will go to the grave believing Scharnberg kicked the ball out of bounds on the Atlanta sideline.
  4. KMHT Radio in Marshall live streams the Marshall games on their Facebook page
  5. Spoke with a kid myself after hearing of this, and the kid said he’d like to see them playing multiple sports and but no mention of 4 sports though! Let’s give the guy a chance before we start spreading absurd stuff that doesn’t even make sense, because how are you gonna get 60ish plus kids at a 3A school to play 4 sports much less have positions for all of them to get 4 sports in! Com on man
  6. Highly doubt this but if so he won’t last long, seen and heard stranger things but doubt it
  7. I could probably research and eventually find it, but what type/style offenses made the State Championship this year! Trying to settle a debate! Thanks
  8. Prayers for the EF spectator and family
  9. Atleast HS doesn't have to worry about any facemask penalties tonight, since apparently EF doesn't wear them
  10. Yes HS @Winsboro has been canceled so as it looks HS wont play again till week 6 @ Diana
  11. Quick look is HS, EF, Waskom jockeying for the top spot
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