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  1. Poor job or not and money or not. Center is a small 4A. Not a Big 5A/6A in a big ISD like Dallas Or Houston. No way they hire a qualified HC. A good coach isn’t coming into a situation where he isn’t over the entire program. Whether that be a seasoned vet or younger coach trying to climb the ladder. There are to many variables that go into winning (hiring/appraisal of coaches, off-season program, ect..) that he cannot control with him not being the AD also.
  2. Center wants to became the new Huntington....Good job Admin and SB!
  3. Buna Big...No knock on Timpson, but they were 2A Div 2 last year and just hung 36 on Hemphill. Buna is going to take this one with ease.
  4. If it was called at 3 yards then the referee was wrong. Rules say 5. That’s what is scary about it!
  5. The cut block rule will basically be the same as it has been the last couple of years. Just can’t cut past 5 yards downfield. 5 guys in the box can still cut just has to be at a 10-2 angle, which it has been for the last few years. No way a crew can tell the difference in most cases between 4 1/2 and 5 1/2 yards. They will call it off of where the umpire is standing. Equal to or in front it’s legal, behind it’s not. So imo you will have about 7 yards on most Friday nights. That’s the only way it can be consistent.
  6. Garrison looked good. They have size upfront and are good in the backfield for 2A. To early to say for sure how good they are though. Arp is down (4-6) last season and Groveton is way way down and imo will fight just to make it in the playoffs in a weak district 12. They would be a 6th place team in District 11. It will all play out in the next few weeks. They have a solid preseason schedule.
  7. Timpson vs Hemphill Beckville vs Shelbyville Harleton vs Queen City
  8. Didn’t CC lose the big kid that played just about everywhere on the offensive side of the ball and FS on Defense?
  9. IMO They are pretty much like first cousins. There are a few minor details that distinguish the two though. Base Formation, Line Stance, Splits, Play Calling, Pace, Formation usage, ect...if you see a good Slot-T team you will know it. You’ll be looking for the ball all night, you’ll see more defenders cut in one game than you have all year, and when they snap the ball it’ll look like a bomb went off and bodies are everywhere. I suggest looking at film from Liberty Hill the two years they won it. It’s Impressive.
  10. Joaquin and Hugh Springs. There may be more, but im not aware of them.
  11. Can this be a good job? Looks like they have nice facilities. Is there any talent running around? Saw they were 5-5 last season and 3-7 the year before.
  12. There is going to be a lot of Big Games in this district every week. Starting with Joaquin @ Garrison week 1. Should be a great game!
  13. I think you could say that SA could win all of those games, but to say they would cake walk those three teams is crazy. There is a huge difference between each of the teams playoff roads. Deweyville (4th place team) was beaten 41-6 by Centerville and 34-0 by Lovelady. Wolf City (beat UG by 1 to advance, same UG team who got beat by Cushing) and was beaten 60-27 by Rivercrest. Carlisle was the 4th place district team (and anytime you beat Carlisle is a good win, they are always game and a very good team). While Centerville beat Joaquin (who lost 3 games this year, undefeated Tenaha by 1, SA, and Centerville...both close tough games. Big Sandy only had one loss and that was to a healthy Alto, and Rivercrest was 12-0. SA and Centerville are the best two teams in the region and that’s why they are playing this week. Congrats to both teams.
  14. How was Joaquin not prepared? They lost a 20-10, hard nosed football game. It was 7-7 at the half. I think anyone at the game or from either side would say that both teams had their chances to win the game and Centerville got the job done. Centerville will dominate the LOS against SA and SA will dominate the perimeters. Should be a great game Regional Final game. IMO a huge factor that nobody has brought up is the what road each team has had to take to this game. Centerville has had to go through Joaquin, Big Sandy, and Rivercrest. While SA has had Deweyville, Wolf City, and Carlisle. No doubt that Centerville has had the much tougher road and that can take a toll on you after 4 weeks or it can mean they are more battle tested...we will all see next Friday. Good luck to both very deserving teams.
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