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  1. Joaquin is looking to fill their Week 2 Tournament. It will be a Texas vs Louisiana Tounament. Each state will round robin on Th/Fr and seed out to play a team of the same seed from the opposing state. Teams committed already are Texas - Joaquin, Broaddus, Open, & Open Louisiana - Logansport, Stanley, Annacoco & Many If interested contact Wade Lawson at 936-645-7135 or [email protected]
  2. Douglass 13-0 Has Cushing, Mount, and Tenaha Cushing 10-2 Has Douglass, Tenaha, Shelbyville, and Martinsville Joaquin 9-4 Has Martinsville, Timpson, and Chireno Timpson 7-6 Has Shelbyville, Martinsville, and Joaquin Shelbyville - 5-7 Has Timpson, Chireno, Cushing, and Mount Not sure about everyone else.
  3. I'm thinking of some good..... Texas vs Louisiana Matchups 5&6A - John Tyler or Longview Vs West Monroe 4&5A - Aledo vs Acadia 3&4A - Carthage Vs John Curtis 2&3A - Gilmer Vs Evangel 1&2A - Mart vs Haynesville A man could only wish.....
  4. There is one ballgame left to play in the first round this Friday. But if everyone beats who they are suppose to then Rd 1 will look like this. 1. Douglas 8-0 2. Cushing 7-1 3. Joaquin 6-2 4. Timpson 5-3 5. Shelbyville 4-4 6. Mount Enterprise 3-5 7. Martinsville 2-6 8. Tenaha 1-7 9.Chinero 0-9 Should be a very interesting 2nd Rd, lots of close games in Rd 1. Rd 2 will start off with a big game on Saturday with Cushing Vs Joaquin.
  5. Shelbyville beat Tenaha 5-1 Douglass beat Joaquin 7-1 Timpson beat Mount 13-2 Not sure about it but I think its like this Douglass 3-0...... Plays Timpson Thursday Cushing 2-0 Plays Chireno Friday Timpson 2-1 Shelbyville 1-1... Plays Martinsville Friday Joaquin 1-2........ Plays Tenaha Wednesday Mount 1-2 Tenaha 0-2 Martinsville 0-2 Chireno 0-2 Lots of ball left to be played in this district....
  6. Joaquin beat mount enterprise 14-1 Douglass beat Chireno 20-2 Cushing beat Timpson 8-1 Tuesday Games: Douglass Vs Joaquin Mount Vs Tenaha Not sure about everyone else...
  7. No our QB this year was a Sr. His Sophomore younger brother will step into the position more than likely. Not as big of a kid, but a better runner and has a good arm. For that matter Joaquin will probably have 5-6 Sophomores who start both ways next season....good and bad problem to have!
  8. Joaquin is now looking for Week 3. Contact Coach Gandy at 936-269-3128 ext 428
  9. Joaquin is looking to fill games for Week 2 and 5. Call Coach Gandy @ 936-269-3128 Ext. 428 or [email protected]
  10. Looking for a game on Tuesday February 18th Contact: Coach Lawson at 936-645-7135 or 936-269-3128 Ext. 342 or 428
  11. How did everyone in the Week 1 Scrimmage do? Haven't really heard anything about Harleton, Beckville, or Big Sandy?
  12. Joaquin is looking for a week two scrimmage, 1A or 2A Contact Coach Gandy at 936-269-3128 or [email protected]
  13. JISD is looking for 2 Coaches. Teaching fields will be in Social Studies/History and the other P.E. One of the positions will also have a Head Boys Basketball position with it also. Both positions will have Asst. Football and a Spring Sport as well. Contact Wayne Gandy @ 936-269-3128 Ext. 428 or [email protected] for more information.
  14. JISD is looking for 2 Coaches, teaching fields will be Social Studies/History and P.E. Coaching Responsibilities will Include Head Boys Basketball for one of the positions along with Asst. Football for both. Both positions will also include a spring sport. Contact Wayne Gandy @ 936-269-3128 Ext. 428 or [email protected] for more information.
  15. When Joaquin finishes 10-0 and beats either Mart/Bosqueville in the second round that will be backing it up!
  16. +1 Joaquin did play very well last week, but here is the real story of that game..Timpson is NOT very good period! There is no way they beat Harelton if they don't cough up the ball like 5 times against them. Basically spotted them "27" 1st quarter points. I feel very strongly that Timpson will get beat this week by Big Sandy, then smoked in the first round by West Sabine. So that means Joaquin vs Harelton is for the district championship and I believe that it will be a very close ballgame. Harelton matches up well with Joaquin in my opinion. They both like a good physical, smashmouth type of game. Do I think that Joaquin is the better team? Yes...but does that automatically make them the winner? NO... Joaquin better come to play is all i'm saying...or they will be 9-1 after Friday night... And remember its always better to stay humble and hungry (which I can assure you Joaquin's Players and Coaches are)... when your undefeated you don't need a larger bulls eye on your back than is already there!
  17. Timpson will come out very fired up and ready to play. They have a good coaching staff as well as a good athletic team. However, I feel like as the ballgame progresses they will soon realize that they are not playing the likes of All Saints, Cushing, Union Grove, Burkeville, Mt. Enterprise. Joaquin may not be the #5 Team in the state (only time will tell that) but they are the better, physical, more big game mature team. These young men grew up watching the teams Joaquin had in the 2000's go to the playoffs year after year and I believe they know tonight will be there time to leave there mark. Taking nothing away from Timpson, they can not help who they have played or the way teams have played against them thus far in district. They just simply beat whoever lined up in front of them and that's all they could control. I do not think they will have that same luxury tonight though my prediction is 32-18 Rams with the Bears having 2+ Turnovers. I just hope it is a clean game with no injuries. Good Luck to both teams in the Playoffs!
  18. They had put the 7th grade team in since they were way ahead and they gave up the 2 scores. The 8th grade hasn't been scored on yet.
  19. I see Lawson, Mason, and Vaughn having big nights at LB for the Rams, especially when Carlisle gets into their Double Wing formation. I see Joaquin's D-Line taking up blockers and those three LB's take care of business...
  20. Couldn't agree more with you, thats why at the end of my post I stated with all that being said, Joaquin has got to go beat Carlisle first...and then take it one game at a time until their season comes to an end, whenever that might be. Im sure that is exactly what the coaches are telling the boys also. And yeah, Joaquins kids have seen some pretty good competion the last couple of years. In 2010 Arp, West Rusk, and Frankston were all LOOOOAAAADED!!! to say the least...
  21. I agree with you 100% about watching out for West Sabine, been hearing some very good things about them. But however, I will have to disagree with you on this isnt one of the best teams in the Gandy era at Joaquin. You need to remember that this is a different team than Joaquin has ever had, they are much more overall well rounded on both sides of the ball. They have a QB that can run and PASS, they have 4 kids that can all catch the ball well (2 being TE's which are the best blocking and catching combo Joaquin has had), a good solid line, and good enough Runningback play. When you turn around and look at the Defense they have good a DL that are athletic and draw double teams, their LBers are solid vs run and pass and have alot of game experience in that position, and Secondary play will only improve each week. Joaquin has had some very good teams in the past but they were very one sided. They could only run the ball on offense and stop the run out of a tight formation on defense. Therefore they were not able to make deep playoff runs, with 2009 being the one exception (And they had a pretty easy road, but hey thats part of it too). Only time will tell about this team. I think that in order to be considered the best they need to win the district undefeatedly, and make a deep playoff run. I do think that out of all the teams Coach Gandy has had at Joaquin this one has the best chance to make a deep playoff run. But hey, lets not get too far ahead of ourselves Joaquin has to beat Carlisle first, one game at a time!
  22. I agree with both of your posts, Joaquin probably has not beaten a real high caliber team thus far this year and will not have the opportunity to do so until they play Carlisle in a few weeks. And you are also right there are some very very good football teams in 1A in the state of Texas and each of those teams are one graduating class away from having a down year. Joaquin has been through it, Garrison is going through it early this year (even though I think yall will be just fine as the year wears on towards the end) it's called small school football its just part of it. So staying humble and working hard each day is the key to getting the most out of a great opportunity and I can assure you that the people that matter, Joaquin's players and coaches are definitely doing just that!
  23. Well lets see you loose the 1A Player of the Year, your entire Defensive Front Line who were Massive for any classification of football (who were also OLinemen), and loose 2 more starters due to them moving away. Im sorry, but those are huge losses for any school, but especially at the 1A level. So basically you have an entire brand new Offensive and Defensive Line, a QB making his 1st varisty start, and less experience and WR. You are right yall will be ready to go by playoffs, but that is 11 weeks away, not Friday night! The Joaquin team is very experienced and has 10 kids with 20+ starts under their belt and another 8 with 10+. That will be the difference maker in the game. Joaquin will be basically be in the same boat next year that Tenaha is in this year, its called Small School Football. Friday nights game will be competitive early, but Joaquins size, strength, experience, and physical play will be to much by the time the second half rolls around. JOAQUIN - 34 TENAHA - 18 (the lst score will come late when it doesn't matter)
  24. How about stop making excuses, and be honest there has not really been much of a difference in 1a or 2a. Joaquin had 2a numbers or they would not have been there. If they would have been in 1a in football the last two years they would have been in the district with Alto (which Joaquin has never beat), Grapeland (Who was better than Winona and Union Grove for sure), Shelbyville (who beat Joaquin in 2010), and Garrison ( enough said). and in baseball I believe the 1a district would have been tougher when you throw Douglass in the mix. Everybody from Joaquin better get off that crutch they've been clinging to for the last two seasons or you going to see the same results next year in 1A......
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