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  1. Harleton 5 Tatum 4. Things could get very interesting if Harleton beats EF tomorrow and if Joaquin can beat Tatum. That would put the district championship in a two-way tie between EF and Harleton and a three-way tie for third between Joaquin, Tatum, and Jefferson. But if Tatum wins they are in automatically with a 6-4 record. If Joaquin wins and Jefferson loses then Joaquin and Tatum would be tied with a 5-5 record and Joaquin would go due to two wins over Tatum.
  2. Is this the same guy who was at the football powerhouse of Cushing, TX a couple years ago?
  3. Joaquin 4 Jefferson 2 Standings: Jefferson 4-2 Elysian Fields 4-2 Joaquin 3-3 Harleton 3-3 Tatum 3-3 Waskom 1-5 Should be a fun ending....
  4. Joaquin will have to play much better if they plan on getting back into the district race. Thursday game against Tatum will be a huge.
  5. Sounds like EF has got things rolling in the right direction...Joaquin played twice this week beating Zwolle, LA 13-3 on Monday and beat Hemphill 15-5 today. Any other scores?
  6. Feel like HS will take care of them pretty handily, heard Claiborne wasnt very good.
  7. EF 7 - Sville 0 Shelbyville had a lot of Errors that really hurt them...think heard EF only had 1-2 ER's Tatum 5 - Claiborne Academy 0 Joaquin 2 - LK 1 LK played a great game and made a lot of good plays in the field. Joaquin just could not fiind any holes through the defense. Kind of a weird game.
  8. The Garrison Vs Joaquin game Friday should be a good one. I would like to have seen a HS vs Joaquin matchup, would be a good testing block of where the Rams stand even though I would have to take HS in that matchup.
  9. Not big talk, turning around probably the worst team in east texas into a quality program that was 23-3 over the last two years, plus having all +.500 seasons since him and his staff have been there does the talking for itself. Not trying to get an argument started im sure there will be a lot of quality men that apply for this job including the one or two already in place at Garrison. But still Coach Baker is a heck of a coach! and in my opinion (which doesn't mean a thing by the way!) he would be a good hire for Garrison.
  10. Garrison would be lucky if Coach Baker was interested in the job. He is an outstanding coach and motivator, he would also bring a possible D1 talented son with him. Plus he would instill the kind of mental toughness that doesn't allow you to get blown out in back to back semi-final games by teams that weren't that much better than you.(They were very good teams, but so was Garrison) Of course it would take the kids, parents, community, and administration of Garrison a little while to get adjusted to his style of coaching, but once they did people better look out!!
  11. Could definitely see it shaping up this way, going to be a downright digfight for those 3 playoff spots I think. Just curious though, who/what does Harleton have to put on the bump this year? They lost two guys that accounted for a whole lot of their outs last year....
  12. Joaquin will only have to replace the catcher, a RF and a DH who hit for that RF. So they return 7 of their 9 bats and all of their pitching from last year. Does anyone know what Harleton will have to throw for them this year? I also think that EF will be in a playoff spot by the end of the year, to much tradition, experience, and good coaching not to. My picks are: 1. Joaquin- They have 7 of 9 coming back and I suspect Vaughn, Lawson and Yates will be able to keep runs off the board when there on the hill. Feel like Lawson and Vaughn will also have big years at the plate. Also have a couple of very athletic kids coming out that can help the rams a good bit who did not play last year. 2. EF - Have everybody coming back, from a team that was really close to getting over the hump last season. 3. Harleton - Have a ton of tradition and coach will find a way for them to pull out W's. Could move up or down from this spot depending on how good their pitching turns out to be. 4. Jefferson - Also return a lot and were right on the edge of getting in. 5. Tatum - Have playoff experience and got extremely hot the 2nd half of district, but feel they will have to be more consistent throughout district to get back in this year. Which I think they are very capable of doing so. 6. Waskom - Young, but I can see them pulling off some costly upsets. Can see this district coming down once again to some coin flips and playoff games to get back into the playoffs.
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