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  1. In that last rankings by DCTF, 3 of the top 5 and 6 of the top 15 are in Region III.
  2. Wow. Game is being played at Houston's NRG Stadium at 1:30pm Friday. Since I will already be in Houston, may have to check this one out before I go watch North Shore/Atascocita. Give me Silsbee by 8
  3. Lumberton wins, 37-34 So let it be written. So let it be done.
  4. Lumberton made the playoffs in 2007 and 2008, reaching the 3rd round in 2007. That news article is wrong (not surprised) with it stating that 218 and 2019 being their only playoff appearances. Shotty reporting on the BE part but that is normal.
  5. In all seriousness, no 4A DII team will beat Carthage this year. State title #9. I think the team that can give them a competitive game is Silsbee. They can match Carthage skill wise (maybe slightly better) just not in the trenches. Particularly on the O-line. This is where Carthage would end up dominating in the end. I don't see Cuero or Wimberly beating Silsbee. Bellville? Maybe but I think Silsbee will be region III champs. I believe Silsbee is the 3rd best team in state behind Carthage and Gilmer. I just think Silsbee will match up better with Carthage than what Gilmer will do.
  6. Bottom line, Alto didn't want to be the small fish in the big pond (2A DI). They wanted to be one of the big fish in the little pond (2A DII). Numbers do make a difference whether it's 1 or 101.
  7. Faith Family playing UIL 4A is a farce. UIL knows it.
  8. Today in Center at 3pm. I've watched a couple of Silsbee games online. They look to be the real deal. Anyone seen Center? All I have seen are scores.
  9. SA cancels Waskom and replaces them with a christian school. That says it all.
  10. The two guys that did the basketball state championship games for NFHS were two guys who broadcast for Texan Live. The color guy was actually the owner of Texan Live, Bert Brocker.
  11. How does Dallas ISD even have a school in the 3A classification? That's a head scratcher.
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