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  1. Where did Gantt go at Honey Grove. I saw they just hired Jason Burnett as new AD/HFC tonight Burnett was there in 2021 as DC then went to Corsicana the past 2 years as LB coach. I knew Burnett had been hired back in HG a few weeks ago as a asst. Then saw a post tonight that the Board had approved him as new AD/HFC. googled Gantt and just saw he left on June 14th. Didn’t say why or where. Just curious Burnett was DC at EF in 2014 & 2015
  2. Hmmm. Tenaha a no go Queen City a toss up Maud. EF should have the advantage, but Maud did finish 2nd in their district last year not a bad non district slate
  3. 1. Beckville Not sure why, just going off what Ross has done the last few years I know they lost the Williams kid, but they have a lot of guys with a lot of varsity experience so until they are knocked off, I have them at the top 2. Waskom I think Lawson will have that team that was so young playing hard and it will be a tough team 3/4 Harleton/EF either way (looks like Harleton returns QB 2 of top 3 rbs, 2 of top 3 WRs though the Johnson kid was pretty good they are losing. Losing a couple of SR lineman, but have 6 guys that will be Srs coming back I would expect them to be right in the middle of the playoff hunt. Well coached by Little. Just don’t know on EF, the district should be one where they are right there fighting for a playoff spot. If Swank is back at qb, Kennedy and Parker are solid weapons with Kennedy a game breaker. Losing Dez Harrison and Rather will hurt, on both sides of the ball. OL had a lot of young players last season aling with a few injuries and will need a big improvement to get those skill guys going. Moving down is just what the Dr ordered and not ending up in the Dist with Timpson Garrison etc was huge. EF needs some winnable non Dist games to get some winning mindsets going in that program after the past 2 years. Doesn’t automatically happen because you move down. 5. Ore City (return QB and top 4 RBs from a great run for them last season) the rest
  4. Marshall does what Marshall does. 12-11 and they promote from within. i just…….
  5. Big stand by Carthage to force fg at the half 24-22 Gilmer leads halftime
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