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  1. CH recovers fumble at Lumberton 38. CH ball 1st down. Less than 6 minutes left
  2. Some really smart coaching there. Everyone in the world looking for a fake. much higher percentage just to leave your offense in there and run your offense if you make the decision to go for it. just bad coaching there for WR.
  3. I have no words as to what was going thru the mind of Marshall’s staff to run that play. Speechless I am
  4. It was a chop block. Refs cowered to Keeling.
  5. Safety for Diana EF 13 Diana 8 :58 left EF punts to Diana, ball return to EF 40 with :53 left in game EF holds Final 13-8 Diana goes to 2-7 with 1 game left EF finishes their season 2-8
  6. EF gets a stop and ball back after Diana had first and goal from the 2. With 1:21 left
  7. EF 7 Diana 3 EF runs ko back to Diana 20 to open half. 10:30 left in 3rd
  8. HS 34 EF 31 Final HS goes to 2-6, 2-2 with Queen City and Waskom left EF goes to 1-8, 1-4 with New Diana left.
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