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  1. I am guessing they are going to rename the town now?
  2. June 8th will have stipulations. It wont have all the kids in the weight room. It will be some type of outside workout and only so many can be close to each other.....sounds like fun but better than nothing. Then you have the teams that are actually working out at the moment.
  3. Palestine Boys won it in 2016. Palestine and Kilgore boys can play with any 4A teams in the state. Lufkin in 2015 Girls in ET struggle to get to the regional tournament. Totally agree with you on Stephenville Girls!
  4. Palestine won state in 2016 and has been to the State Tournament the last two years so Soccer can excel in East Texas!!
  5. There is a good chance the year is over. When the Governor waived the state test that changed everything
  6. Palestine wins by two touchdowns. Palestine Dismantled Henderson in district and Heritage barely beat Henderson.
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