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  1. Good, so we can expect SH to still be the powerhouse of the district? Wish Hector would have stayed for the kicking my buckeyes were gonna put on him haha
  2. Did Spring Hill ever finally hire a new baseball coach? Heard several names but nothing confirmed. Anyone??
  3. I know his brother very well, brother asked him if anything was done to keep, answer was no. just for fun, what was the board waiting on? brother told me he told them (alot of he tolds i know) that he made it very well known he wanted his wife to have a job with him. apparently a job came open and he was told she MIGHT have a chance at it. I leave it at that and wait for him to come on. But to any SH person, did he make it clear at the banquet why he was leaving?????
  4. Did you guys do anything to try keep him?? heard banquet was a good one
  5. Panther, If you know Coach Hector at all, you know that it had to be rough on him to tell the young kids he was leaving. And if you know him at all, you know he has never been anywhere less the 6 years, so he is not a mover (Union Grove about 6 years, Gilmer about 9 or 10, SH 2) so he knows it takes longer than 2 years to build anything. Maybe he left because he didnt get the AD job? Maybe he left because SH only has 5 coaches on the boys side?? I know he was present and spoke at at least one board meeting. Maybe he left because issues he had with whatever. But i can assure you, if you know him at all, you know he loved his kids. Something there is not right at this time, saw on another thread where another coach also left. Only one coach remains from last years staff, possibly 2. Waiting for coach to come clear things up on here hahahaha
  6. No doubt horns, there will be tons of applicants for this job! Probably the best job in the state, thats why he left! Now that Carthage out of district he wanted to go find other challenges
  7. He lucked out getting out now because my buckeyes were about to pound him!! Ha im just stirring the pot, Looked up the place he is going, hardly seems like greener pastures, 6 wins this year. Im sure he has his reasons, must have been really frustrated, I know for a fact he has never lived outside upshur county. Good Luck Coach, your intensity will be missed at the Hill im sure. Question of the Day: with the post bev put at the top, will Hector and Bev reconcile before he moves?? Haha just pot stirring
  8. I havent heard DFW but hear he is not happy with situation
  9. OK lets have a real 16-3A baseball discussion Whats the best way to attack this district in the play-offs? I have seen both Carthage and SH play the mighty Bucks. Obviously they both have a dominant #1 with Day and Cellucci, we have a modest #1 in Traylor who did quite well in his starts vs the big guys in our district. Does any of our 16-3a teams have enough dominant pitching to go 3? Gilmer: Traylor, Hollis, Turner, Tomlin and Tomlin Carthage: Day, Gage, Harrison and im sure a ton more that werent needed much in district SH: Cellucci, Nance, then a few that havent pitched alot, robbins, methvin, watkins??? (due to some suspension lost a couple arms i think) Thoughts on how this will be handled by other districts? would they want a 3 gamer or a one gamer? Im assuming 16-3a would love one gamers
  10. Call and ask Chadwick, he is the new AD
  11. I still havent had anyone answer my question, except for the longview news-journal (story in weekend paper) 1. Will he keep the Off-season basketball program? 2. Will he keep Hector (will Hector stay) The above was answered in paper in story "with his east texas connection he will be able to use that network to assemble his staff" or something to that point.
  12. The real question is: Will he be able to keep the quality coaches that you guys have on staff already or will he get rid of them to create spots for who he wants?? Will the basketball coach be able to continue the off-season stuff? Will the baseball coach stay?
  13. Does Spring Hill have all their players back yet? I know they played without a few starters most of district
  14. Panther- you guys better get ready for that beat down you will take in GTown tomorrow night!! We had Carthage beat and slipped up. I dont know about ya'll but Im ready to see rd 2 of Gilmer vs SH kitty kats
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