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  1. Well it won't be a walk in the park for any team you better show up and play every Friday night
  2. And what makes you so sure that Joquin will win this district
  3. Seeing that EF only beat beckville by a touchdown and if I'm not mistaking beckville beat waskom
  4. Is this district the battle of the Qb's or something
  5. If you want to gett a look at beckville come to EF next Thursday to the 7 on 7 game
  6. Beckville will be a contender for the district championship
  7. I've heard talks about a guy from gilmer being the OC
  8. Will they have a 7on7 team if so where will they play I want to be there to support
  9. The kids have to be commited and all In into what coach Robinson is trying to do one kid can't slip up thats a starter or has the potential to start working your butt off during the summer and throught the spring is what makes the difference between winning 3 state championships or going 3 and 8 and making the playoffs with 1 win in district
  10. Great move for the bearcats in the near future any thoughts on E-Rob
  11. A new beginning for beckville
  12. Do they have to start all over??
  13. So any idea what's next???
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