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  1. LLION, he is the head coach. By the way Creasy ...where's y'all's first basketball game...DAWG?
  2. The Bearcat is an elusive creature that knows how to survive in extreme conditions. I once saw a Bearcat on one of those Alaska shows that was caught in a steel trap, that Bearcat chewed his leg off and escaped. They also have narly looking teeth that they use to dispatch their prey...The Bearcats are some bad animals indeed. I don't think a little rain and cool temperatures will faze them at all seeing as how it gets so bone chilling cold in Alaska. Now from what I know about a Lion, they are more of a hot weather animal...I see them on Nat Geo channel running around in the deserts. It is not going to be hot Saturday. I wonder if a Lion will hunker down in cold weather? Never seen a lion in cold weather. It is true that a lion (from what ive seen on the shows) are meat eaters and are mean at times...but ive also seen those lion tamers at the zoos walk right up to one and pet him on the head. I ask you a question, have you ever seen a Bearcat tamer pet a Bearcat on the head? No, you have not. That's because Bearcats are nastier than lions. For these reasons. among others, Im going with the nasty Bearcats.
  3. Mr. Red I said it before the game and I'll say it now . We respect Alto, you all are a classy buch of folks . As for me , what's done is done and in the past . We have bigger fish to fry. I'll leave with this final comment and be done with commenting here. I think what Cats is trying to say is that the 3 or 4 or however many plays your talking about wouldn't have made a difference. For example, yall recovered an onside kick on our end of the field and still could t score . Here is what Cats is saying, we hit yall in the mouth and yall didn't know how to respond . Your guys, on paper, should have lit us up . But we came out and dominated the line of scrimmage, swarmed to the ball, and beat yall square up. That's all he's sayihg. The penalties and turnovers ,,,at the rate yall were playing you might have scored once. No disrespect, it was smash mouth ball at it's finest. Like I said , yall are a classy bunch and have a rich tradition and we respect that. You have the program we would one day like to have. Good luck to yall and have a happy thanksgiving .
  4. Congratulations to Lovelady on your win last night. Beckville is looking forward to playing again in Rose Stadium Saturday. The coaching staff will have the boys ready by then. I hope that we can stay focused during the Thanksgiving week and come out ready to play Saturday. As with any game, eliminating turnovers and limiting penalties (and capitalizing on the other teams turnovers and penalties) will play a large part in who wins. Beckville hasn't had any Division I recruiters hanging around this year. We wouldn't pass the 'looks" test with a lot of the teams we have played. But we do play with a lot of energy and heart. Our kids will get after it for 48 minutes. They are aggressive and physical and will do what they are coached to do. Id rather have 11 kids selling out on every play that 11 kids that look the part. Win or lose, Lovelady will know that they have been in a battle when its over. We are peaking at the right time of the year, getting a little better every week. I will make the homer pick and go with those fearless, selfless Bearcats 42-14. I wish everyone a great Thanksgiving week. We all have a lot to be thankful for.
  5. Canadian Stratford Bosqueville Crawford Beckville Shelbyville Refugio Shiner
  6. I was wondering where Mr. Instigator was also. I cant believe he hasn't been heard from yet., Im sure glad no one told our boys they didn't have a chance with all that "world class speed". Had they known that they may not have even showed up. Just goes to show, nothing that is said on here matters. The game is played on that big green carpet, not on smoaky. Mr. Instigator, we hope you have a good Thanksgiving, good day to you sir.
  7. Game is confirmed for 2:00 Saturday in Tyler at Trinity Mother Frances Stadium. Beckville is home team.
  8. Beckvilles o-line and d-line have played super..flawless performance!
  9. Bearcats showing heart ! Wearing the jackets out!!
  10. KGAS 104.3, it may be on their AM side, 1590. You not coming?
  11. Swarming, there is an old saying, "don't count those chickens before they hatch". You may have a nice nest of eggs, but they may not all hatch out. Just something to chew on. You are right, Beckville has never hurt Alto before. But friend, we aren't playing with past teams, we are playing tomorrow night with the kids that are getting up right about now and going to school TODAY. And, I can assure you that this isn't the Beckville of old.
  12. Swarming we appreciate the compliment but I wouldn't call it world class. However, when #2 Mitchell gets the ball, you better be looking cause he will be in the end zone pretty quick. Yes sir, those Alto boys has their work cut out for them.
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