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  1. Congratulations to all the Carthage Dawgs for making the All state team.
  2. Aledo has gotten to big with multiple athletes at each position. One goes down they can run one in as good as the one that went down. Longview would be a much more even match. Go back a few years and my Dawgs could play with Aledo. That is just the plain truth. The 2024 Dawgs are going to be special and I can’t wait to see them. They could match up with any 5 A DII but the depth at 5A DI and above is to big of a difference.
  3. I believe and I could be wrong but two of the Tatum players played in the NFL D more and Bell I think were the two.
  4. That was a great ball game, the smallest school in 3 A going up against the largest 3A at that time. That Tatum team was loaded with many DI athletes.
  5. Carthage is big time loaded the next two years could have a lot to do with teams not wanting to play them. Kilgore and Chapel Hill have proven year in and year out they are 4A DI contenders and should be outstanding match ups for the Dawgs. I guarantee Gilmer would play the Dawgs in non district but I think everyone knows they will probably see each other in the playoffs. I love the fact a 6 A team agreed to play the Dawgs. I am super excited to see the 2024 Dawgs take the field. Let’s Go Dawgs !!! God Bless Coaches, Players, and Fans.
  6. explain please, how was he not a true sophomore.
  7. He will be a lot bigger this year. J Surratt is a very special player and will have many D1 offers after the 2024 season. look at his stats as a sophomore, he only needed a few more yards to break the single season record at Carthage. Just wait until the 2024 Dawgs trot out on the field. All those sophomores and Juniors will be bigger, stronger, and battle tested. The seniors are a good group and lead the 2024 Dawg. I am always excited to see what the Dawgs will look like each new year. But in 2024 we know how much talent they bring back at all positions. Let’s Go Dawgs and hopefully in 2024 number . God Bless Coaches, Players, and Fans.
  8. Merry Christmas to all of you and remember our savior was born to save us all. God Bless and may God Bless you with a wonderful day.
  9. Don’t have to, the Dawgs bring back 90 percent of their players. They will work hard and try for number 10 next year. Enjoy your well earned state championship. After Gilmer beat the Dawgs, us Dawgs fans were pulling for Gilmer. Merry Christmas
  10. What does my loyalty to Carthage have anything to do with Gilmer versus Anna. you can’t help be you. Enjoy Carthage defeat while it last. You will be crying in your beer soon enough, like 2024.
  11. Gilmer was not the same team in week one versus week 16. I don’t know and nobody does know how a Gilmer versus Anna game would turn out.
  12. We know why the UIL will be moving Carthage to region 3. China Spring, La Vega, and Belleville. That will be one heck of a playoff gauntlet. Let’s Go Dawgs !!!!
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