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  1. The same thing as how many D linemen we have had. I didn’t want to start a new thread, just added it to this thread.
  2. It appears according to the Panola Watchman Freshman KJ Edwards is getting big time offers starting to roll in. He will be fun to watch the next three years.
  3. I kinda have to agree with both of you. Turnovers and Mahomes. We could not get to him in the second half. The Dawgs would almost have him and boom, he throws for a touchdown.
  4. I agree, I see another Rock going both ways. I am excited to see him play for the Dawgs.
  5. Carthage started winning state championships when they got coach Surratt. The first thing he did was turn the Dawgs into a physical machine. When you play the Dawgs, win or loose, the next morning, you know what physical football is.
  6. Side Line to Side line does a very good job for 3A and 4A and I think this year they will cover 2A.
  7. Surratt runs the most complicated offense in Texas high school football. The coach from La Vega said they printed 3 full sheets of formations and plays that the Dawgs run and still saw formations and plays during the state championship game that wasn’t on his sheets. Under Surratt and Preston and the entire Dawg staff at Carthage you will be prepared for the next level as good and in most cases better than 5A or 6A.
  8. You don’t think Carthage with the coaches they have can prepare a player for the next level.
  9. Just curious but has anyone that is so interested in his transfers thought about asking him. He will now be with some of the top coaches in the state. That will help him be better in all phases of his life and not just football. When he sees how the players at Carthage are and buys into the program. Can’t wait to see how good he can be.
  10. You are correct. The only reason this is news, Carthage 9 times state champ. The only other team in East Texas that would make this big news is Gilmer. If you win like Carthage and Gilmer and the mayor accidentally farted in the bathroom, it would be big news on Smoaky Just maybe the kid missed living with his mom.
  11. I can guarantee anyone and everyone Coach Surratt knows better than anyone else if the kid would be eligible to play. The QB at China Spring moved from Wimberly 7 weeks before the first game. His dad was hired as an assistant coach at China Spring.
  12. Did Tatum get several players when their dads moved to Tatum to coach. If the kids mom is working for CHS. What is the difference.
  13. Maybe the teams he played against had two plays. Run right or run left. Little humerus You’re right, Texas needs to camp out on his door step. Or all major DI schools for that matter.
  14. No D linemen from Carthage anywhere, even in honorable mention. Really ! They are all sophomores but maybe next year. I personally thought they were the best D line in all of 4A. Great list of players and congratulations for making the All State Team.
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