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  1. Carthage plays a 6A team out of Houston. Carthage versus Kilgore (number 1 defense in 4A up against the number 2 defense in 4A) per Dave Campbell. Carthage versus Chapel Hill another good match up.
  2. East Texas well represented. Now bring the championship back.
  3. Three D linemen have started since they were sophomores three linebackers over 6ft and 200 pounds, two were sophomores and one was a junior, that has started since he was a sophomore. Defensive end that played in every game and two in the secondary that were both sophomores. My money is on the Dawg defense. Several DI kids on both sides of the ball for the C Dawgs. Kilgore is always very talented with athleticism all over the field. Can’t wait to watch this game.
  4. You might to re-think that statement. Carthage brings back 9 on defense D line starting three years and all linebackers are back.
  5. He was one of the best receivers last season. I hope he plays football.
  6. Carthage brings back 9 on defense and 8 on offense.
  7. Belleville versus Celina should be a good game to watch. Celina always has a big athletic offensive line.
  8. Considering as a sophomore he was just a few yards away from breaking the Carthage record for passing yards in a single season. He threw 44 touchdown passes. Yea I think so.
  9. Carthage don’t need him, got one of the best in the now.
  10. Congratulations to all the Carthage Dawgs for making the All state team.
  11. Aledo has gotten to big with multiple athletes at each position. One goes down they can run one in as good as the one that went down. Longview would be a much more even match. Go back a few years and my Dawgs could play with Aledo. That is just the plain truth. The 2024 Dawgs are going to be special and I can’t wait to see them. They could match up with any 5 A DII but the depth at 5A DI and above is to big of a difference.
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