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  1. Can’t wait to see this bunch on varsity Wow they are a special group.
  2. Dawg Starting D does not give up a single point, last week lesson learned. Let’s Go Dawgs and hopefully God Bless Coaches, Players, and Fans. Praying for save travels and no injuries.
  3. With this Dawg defense, yes. Argyle would beat the teams the Dawgs have played without a doubt, but holding them to minus yards and no points ( until a brain fort in 2 and 1/2 minutes of the second quarter this past Friday night) Argyle could not. The Dawgs would score and often, Argyle would score but the Dawg D would limit those scores. Again, this is my opinion.
  4. I look for PG to play hard and never quit. You don’t bet against Gilmer unless they are playing the C Dawgs. I believe Gilmer and Carthage are headed for a big match up.
  5. Carthage has a hard time getting teams to play them in non district. You might want to know a little about Carthage before you post.
  6. This game is for the district title, both have corrected mistakes and playing good football.
  7. Plus our D line were standing up and not rushing the QB. It was weird, both the CB’S and D line just watched the play unfold. The last 2 and 1/2 minutes of the second quarter was just a head scratcher.
  8. There are many really good 4A teams in both DI and DII, the top teams in both could play with many teams in 5A. They statement powderpuff schedule is just wrong. Kilgore, Marshall, and Cornerstone are good football teams.
  9. Final game stats Dawgs 20 first downs. Bears 7 rushing yards 169. Bears minus 15 passing 357. Bears 175 total yards 526. Bears 160
  10. Sorry, I am disappointed because I feel like this defense had a shot at not being scored on in all 16 games. It would take an unbelievable effort and a little luck but this Dawg defense is special.
  11. If you want to be the champ you don’t stop playing until the two’s take over. just like Argyle has always done. I can guarantee you Argyle coach would go off on his starters if they took the foot off the gas.
  12. If you watched the last two minutes of the first half you would not say that. The Dawgs let off the gas and got two TD passes on them. The starters have not allowed a single point in 6 ball games. Brownsboro would not have scored if the Dawgs would have kept bringing the heat. They were minus 44 yards and no points until the last two minutes of the half.
  13. Number two’s score Dawgs 69 Bears 13 3:26 left in the 3rd quarter
  14. The Defense appears got lit up at half time. Sacks and int for pick 6 Dawgs 62 Bears 13
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