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  1. The best Defense belongs to the Dawgs, stats don’t lie. China Spring out played the Dawgs for sure. Their defense was better than our offense. You can’t go 4 and out and leave your defense on the field against a well balanced team like China Spring. They have the team to win it all. WOS has both a good offense and defense, this should be one heck of a game.
  2. The Dawgs will have 9 players playing college football next year. We did not win the third state championship in a row but the Dawgs made their biggest homer fan very proud. As an old guy, Friday nights watching the Dawgs play is the most fun I could ever ask for. It will feel like eternity before the Dawgs take the field next season, but I will be ready to back them and have new players to brag about and root for. Thank you Dawgs for making Friday nights the best entertainment a high school fan could ever hope for. We Dawg fans are so blessed to have the coaches, players, band, and cheer leaders that we have at Carthage. Everyone in the state knows about the Carthage Bull Dawgs. I travel all over three countries and you should see the pride I show when I talk about the Dawgs. It is priceless. God Bless coaches, players, and fans. Thank you Dawgs for another great year.
  3. Act you you been here before, champion ships are won without excuses. Stop whining about a win and concentrate on WOS.
  4. What bunch of crap, those ref blew calls on both sides. CS out played the Dawgs plain and simple. That 31 to 7 was a stupid comment. The game wasn’t over until the 15 yard penalty for jumping on the missed 49 yard field goal and then another 15 yard penalty for personal foul. The score was 24 to 17. Who to say the Dawgs getting the ball on the missed field goal and drive for the TD and over time. Take you well earned win and move on.
  5. Am I wrong but the front four on D for PG are three sophomores and one freshman. They are huge but young. PG maybe a contender the next three years. They have gone 4 rounds deep and will gain a lot of experience and confidence for next year. I hope they challenge Gilmer, not only to help their confidence but to prepare Gilmer for their next game. Celina is the real deal.
  6. The winner of CS and WOS will play the oh Gilmer and Celina
  7. I am watching that game right now. China Spring versus Carthage 2016 at the star. Believe it or not the 2016 China Spring was better than the China Spring of last night. Haygood the QB was big and fast and could throw the really good. The Dawg QB Davis was throwing darts in that game. Colbert, Ingram, and number 3 were outstanding in the game. 2016 Dawgs will always be my favorite. I call them the cardiac kids. I felt every game they played all most gave me a heart attack. The Dawg crowd was very loud and on their feet in that game. we Dawgs fans need get back to that kind of support.
  8. I agree, we need go back and pull up the YouTube video of Carthage versus Celina 2008. The game was stand up and yelling by Dawg fans. We have been spoiled by winning and forget, the kids feed off our energy. But we can fix that next year on the very first non district game. Let’s Go Dawgs!!!!!!!
  9. Gilmer has a good defense this year. I predict a Gilmer versus Celina semi final game. I always believed and said so three months ago that Celina and Gilmer were headed for a show down.
  10. Another toss up game, both are capable of playing at Jerry’s House. I will be watching and pulling for China Spring.
  11. Believe me I did not know China Spring was that good, even after watching Max Prep of them destroy teams by 40 points. Their O line was big and strong, 11 at linebacker, 55 on the D line, 5, 4, 2, 15, 8, and many more were outstanding last night. My Dawgs were out played and I would have never thought that could happen especially the Dawg D. CS has a state championship caliber team and coaching, your next opponent WOS will be a big challenge.
  12. I am eating so much CROW this morning I should be able to fly. Whatever you throw at me I deserve. No comments from me other than great season Dawgs and congratulations to China Spring.
  13. Hopefully the Dawgs will and you will get to meet the best defense in all of 4A.
  14. I have known mr Brown for almost 50 years and can tell you there is not a bigger fan of high school football anywhere in the state. He was not degrading Newton at all. His comment was directed at WOS schedule. WOS, Gilmer, Carthage, and many others have problems scheduling non district games. It comes with winning.
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