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  1. Offensive line Carthage 2019 and 2020 state championship
  2. I thought Carthage was playing Hudson, who is LH.
  3. Carthage won Friday game but does anyone no how they did on Saturday.
  4. The best ever in the history of Texas high school football.
  5. 83 Daingerfield don’t account, they were the ever in the whole state.
  6. Gilmer needs to something besides bubble screens. It works well when you can out athlete the other team, but going up against a great defense in the playoffs, not so much.
  7. I don’t know if he is teaching at Panola but he and the Kgas crew do an outstanding job broadcasting the Dawgs.
  8. I always post the Carthage Dawgs stats after every game. They come from Larry Allen of the Kgas broadcast crew. They give the stats at half time and full stats at the end of the game.
  9. Let God back in school, put the board back in the principal’s hand, bring back yes sir, no sir, yes mam, no mam, please, may I , and thank you. Students need to fear punishment and respect authority. If the student or there parents won’t allow it, kick their butts out of school. When I was young and got in trouble at school, it was much worse when I got home.
  10. I think you meant Marshall for the fourth non district game for Carthage. I don’t believe they are playing Kilgore twice.
  11. I doubt they play because the UIL put Carthage in region II with Gilmer and PG. I guess that got tired of an all East Texas state championship.
  12. Will be a great game for Carthage. Kilgore will give us Dawg fans a good look at our offense. Returning 9 to ten players that started last year. How much have they improved. On defense the Dawgs start 9 new faces. I can’t think of a better team than Kilgore to find out what the 2022 Dawgs are going to look like.
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