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  1. What impressed me the most, was their offensive line. The Dawgs just could not stop their running game.
  2. We were missing an outstanding linebacker and full back in Milam. He got hurt in the Henderson game. He was a big time player for the Dawgs. Milam and Donnie were two really good linebackers on that team.
  3. Sleepy was no Surratt but he did get the Dawgs to a state championship game when only two teams made the playoffs. He made to semi finals. Carthage was not an easy out when he was there. Nobody has a coach Surratt or Preston combo. We are very blessed to the coaches and athletes that we have at Carthage.
  4. Everyone has their own opinion of Carthage if they have lived there. I moved to Carthage when I was in the fourth grade and graduated there. Carthage was a great place to grow up with the best little league program in the state. Mr. Tiller was was of the finest men I ever knew. Carthage has always had great athletes. We just never had great football coaches until Sleepy showed up. I remember the 73 class was undefeated in the 7th, 8th, and 9th grade but Carthage had a terrible HF coach and half the guys did not play in high school.
  5. I may be wrong but that D will be bigger, stronger, and faster. Number 20 and 80 played in every game when players needed a break add 22, 26, and 28 that were hitting machines on kick offs and backups on defense. The offense want have to score a lot. The only thing the offense can’t do is turn the ball over and even then it will take an outstanding offense to score on this Dawg D. One thing the Dawgs have always had is good offensive linemen waiting their turn. I don’t believe any team will score 21 points on this team.
  6. I don’t think anyone will score 21 points on the Dawgs. Nobody did it last year.
  7. I could not of said it any better. I never said they were or could be an 83 Daingerfield, but the starters only allowed 4.5 points a game. Nobody will ever match the 83 Tigers(I SAW THEM PLAY), but in todays offensives holding good teams (ranked in the top ten) to 4.5 points a game is one of the top defenses in 4A history. I believe with 9 starters coming back, bigger, stronger, faster, and more experienced has the possibility to be something that will be talked about for a long time. I could be wrong, I usually am but it will be fun watching this defense and what they can
  8. This may be a once in a life time defense. The starters gave up 4.5 points a game. They bring 9 of them back. Bigger stronger and faster. I just have to believe coach Preston wants to see what this defense can accomplish.
  9. Preston ain’t going nowhere with a possible record setting defense taking the in 2021.
  10. If coach Preston left, I think it would be for 5A or 6A. I disagree that coach Surratt would be the only one recognized for making history. The entire state knows about the Dawg D and the coaches responsible for it. I like all Dawg fans hope the coaching staff stays intact and sets new records.
  11. It all goes back to developing players. The Dawg pups want to be big Dawgs and they work their tails off to be a member of the Big Dawgs. Carthage had a great coach in Sleepy but played in one state championship game. Coach S has assembled the best coaches in the state that believe in his physical style and philosophy of coaching. Coach S is the best in Texas and I would say each coach starting with Preston and going all the way through junior high are the very best in Texas at what they do. The talent you see on Friday night started their development in the seventh grade. if
  12. Argyle is the 4A version of Highland Park only better.
  13. You make good points because it is so late in looking for a coach.
  14. I never thought about that way. I hope we have good O linemen coming up because that defense could be in the Daingerfield of 83 class. Not 14 shut out good but dominating good. Even better than last year.
  15. Which other D linemen besides K lister. the other three were juniors. Another junior number 80 played in every game and not just as a back up.
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