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  1. Young sophomore Surratt threw for almost 4,000 yards, 43 touchdowns with 8 INT’S in 14 games. As the Terminator said. I’LL BE BACK
  2. Remind us again how many state championships Belleville has. Carthage was not overrated, they got beat by a very good team that outplayed the Dawgs on both sides of the ball. The Gilmer QB and receivers were outstanding and the O line gave him time to find the open man. The sophomore QB with no time outs carried the team down the length of the field throwing dimes for a touchdown in 90 seconds and then then threw an incredible pass for two points. Held Gilmer to a field goal in overtime. 99 percent of the time Dawgs win in that situation. If Gilmer gets to the state championship, they will be the fastest team on the field. Their defense is night and day different from the beginning of the season. I will be pulling for the Buckeyes. All that matters is Glen Rose right now. Just remember the Dawgs loose two on defense and two on offense.
  3. Gilmer out played my Dawgs on both sides of the ball. They caught every pass even if it was third down and 30. My Dawgs could not catch a cold until the last drive to tie it up. Great game for the Gilmer fans and great season for my Dawgs I will be pulling for Gilmer next week. God Bless all and remember Jesus is answer. Thanks for putting up with number one Dawg homer fan.
  4. It was not like that at last week’s game. I have never Carthage fans yell that much at a game including myself.
  5. I am a Gilmer fan but not tonight. Gilmer plays hard and they are here for a reason. I fully expect my Dawgs to win, but I have respect for the Buckeyes. I will admit I could not stand Jeff Traylor with his walking 20 yards out the field whining dang near every play.
  6. I will add the running backs for Carthage were better. KJ rushed for 292 yards.
  7. Skilled players were but not the O line and front seven on Defense.
  8. It sounds like y’all were all in on Belleville beating Carthage. I have no problem with that. But Carthage ain’t Silsbee The best D line in 4A football will have 31 games in a row to their credit if this game happens. Belleville will face the biggest fastest and strongest front seven they have seen all year and the best defensive coordinator in high school football. If they beat Carthage ( which I don’t believe they can) I will be the first to congratulate them on Smoaky. One thing I know for sure, they will not win the line of scrimmage battle against the Carthage offensive line, nor will they stop them from scoring. Hope this game happens.
  9. When the Dawgs faced Liberty Hill in 2018, they did not have three D linemen as big and fast as they have now. I have gone back and watched Belleville. They are very good but if they face Carthage you may be surprised at how good and big the Dawg front seven is.
  10. They are in 5A quarter finals now I believe. And you think Belleville is better. come on Falcon.
  11. I disagree with you on Kilgore. They have an outstanding football team. Their front seven is very good and their secondary is the best in all of 4A.
  12. I am interested in this game, Not who wins but what scheme Jaspers defense will try against Belleville.
  13. Did those same people tell you the PG coach ran his QB out of gas. He played offense, defense, and kickoffs. Ran the same play holding ball in the running backs belly, pulling the ball out and running. Never used the whole field. Mid 3rd quarter QB was done and the Carthage defense Tee’d off on him and sacked him many times. Surratt and Preston made adjustments and PG didn’t plain and simple. The ref’s made no calls against both teams. If you would like I can send photos of PG tackling Carthage D linemen, PG O line 10 yards past the line of scrimmage on both passing TD’s, holding calls. Like I said the referee let them play. It went both ways. I ran into PG fans at a restaurant and told them what a great came. They went off like a damn cry baby. I will add one more thought. Carthage 4 th and 5, PG players barking out hut hut hut trying to make Carthage move. There is no way those PG players would have thought that up. They were tired and wore out. That had to be a call made by a PG coach. Gibson can now pull his cry act but now he has a good reason, he got beat by a better team.
  14. I go you one better. The penalty call where the PG defense were barking out hut hut on 4th and five. There is no way those PG players thought to do that on their on. They were tired and wore out. I believe that was a call made by PG coach. No way those players thought to do that.
  15. Believe me, we Carthage fans never take playoff teams for granted. If we get to the Championship game and Belleville is there. Coach Surratt will have the Dawgs well prepared.
  16. If your QB has time to throw, I just don’t see the Gilmer O line holding up against that pass rush, it is brutal. Not saying you won’t but you know it is coming. 54, 72, and 71 has made a living in sacks and tackles for loss. Ingram made many tackles and sacks for loss against PG.
  17. 90 percent of the dropped passes, no defender caused them. Manny had a fifty yard dime right in his hands with defender trailing him and dropped an end around hand off from the QB. It was a bad day for receivers. Number 7 never drops a pass and he did. Number 11 dropped a pass but Surratt threw it high and he got lit up. Not his fault.
  18. Carthage D line dominated Kilgore in the fourth quarter, go re-watch the 4Th.
  19. I am the biggest home Carthage has but I can’t warm those Gilmer broadcasts up.
  20. I am absolutely blown away how a team with so many sophomores are so amazing.
  21. I like what your seeing and have four linebackers
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