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  1. No, coach Surratt said Center had an outstanding QB.
  2. Game stats Dawgs first downs 21 rushing 109 passing 276 total yards 406 Bullard 11 first downs minus 11 yards rushing passing 130 total yards 130
  3. Dawg starting defense has not allowed a single point through 5 ball games.
  4. Coach Surratt said Center has a really good QB.
  5. Coach Surratt not pleased With first half effort from both offense and defense.
  6. Offense looks kinda sloppy at times but still scoring at will.
  7. Dawg defense is just flat out impressive. They have either stripped the ball or intercepted the ball five times in the first half so far. Just Wow
  8. Argyle rolling right along. It appears 5DII fits you like a glove. Congrat and keep rolling.
  9. I would love to see Longview versus Aledo. East Texas speed at its finest.
  10. The 19 and 20 O lines were the absolute best. It will be hard for any Dawg O line to match them, but time will tell. The 19 group averaged 308 pounds, they destroyed a great defensive front of LeVega in the state championship game. 20 was almost as good.
  11. They are very good and getting better every game. Will know at the end of the season how they stack up against previous Dawg O lines.
  12. This Dawg team is unique because the defensive starters have not given up a single point through 4 games. What makes them special is 4 of the starters are sophomores, 3 D linemen and 1 linebacker. They are big, strong and quick off the ball. One of the D linemen is number 2 in all of East Texas in sacks. If they keep improving game by game, we could be witnessing a very special group considering the defense had to replace 9 starters. The offense is what we thought they would be. They were super young last year and had a lot of growing pains. Conner Cuff is now a field general on the field with four outstanding receivers, big strong and quick offensive line and running backs that are very physical.
  13. The Dawgs played a team that had a young man with Olympic 100 meter speed. Coach Surratt said in pregame, if he gets behind us. We will not catch him. He did twice, but the Dawgs had already put up over five hundred yards and 62 points by half time. I guess the key is keep the speedster in front and make him remember the hits. This years Dawgs are bringing bone jarring hits. It almost looks they know exactly where the ball will be going before it is snapped. There is always 5 to six guys on the tackle.
  14. Did any Dawg fans go to chalk talk today. If so, give us run down on What coach Surratt had to say about the Marshall game and the up coming game with Bullard.
  15. Hey you do know a Gilmer fan started this mess stating Surratt would trade players and he also said no one in4A or 5ADII had Gilmer speed. If you have been on Smoaky very long, you would know Carthage always give Gilmer coaches and players respect. I certainly have.
  16. He can’t run 10.3 in football equipment big difference in track speed and football speed. Good example Paddy at Carthage is super fast in uniform. He makes DB’S break ankles with his cuts and then runs off and leaves them. No doubt the young man at Gilmer, if he goes untouched no one will catch him. Sounds like Lindale did a good job keeping him in check. Gilmer has another super fast player but I call his speed, football speed. I can never spell his right, Fluellen.
  17. I think Marshall comes in second in district behind Texas High. They are a good football team.
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