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  1. Malakoff is currently looking for a HS Football and Baseball Assistant Coach. We have been successful in both sports and the teaching fields are flexible. We really do need the applicants to be certified. If anyone is interested we will be more than happy to talk. Let us know and we will provide contact information.
  2. Is it ok to post coaches needed positions on this board? We are in need of a couple and don’t want to break this websites rules or guidelines.
  3. I thought exactly the same as you but if they want to call it a committee we have been doing that for years. lol
  4. Usually small schools do have committees which are made up of all the Coaches on Staff. The AD works with all of them reaching out across the state in finding the best possible candidate for the job that is open. If you as an AD do not use the resource of every coach on staff you are limiting yourself in finding the best candidate. I have been on both sides of the desk and never seen nor done any hiring without either asking all assistant coaches or being asked to find out background info on every candidate that is being considered. I also firmly believe that if you are a good coach you can transfer your abilities from sport to sport. Therefore if you do a great job in one sport and don't do your job in another you really are not a Coach because you are trying to promote yourself more than the players.
  5. I think the best possible scenario would be to allow the AD/OC to be Head Football also . This way he could hire him a good DC and keep everything going the way the town wants. He must be a heck of a coach as well as being well liked. This scenario would keep the Chain of Command in line and should prevent all friction.
  6. If the AD is the OC does that mean the Head Football coach could be reassigned by the OC? Now that is a tough situation. Wonder how off-season works concerning different sports as well.
  7. Foreveraneagle. I agree with you totally. If I as a parent want my kid to go to a school that offers more for my child than the district I reside in does then I will do that for my child. If my child was gifted in Band I guarantee you I would send them to Canton. As for the rules. They are set in place concerning residency and I think as long as you are in accordance with the rule you should be able to play and never lose a year of eligibility. Immediate eligibility for anyone that buys a house and moves to a new district. Why should a student with divorced parents have access to dual residency? Are we saying that if parents get a divorce and the student leaves with a parent he/she can be eligible but if they remain together and move they face a chance of being ineligible. All of this just leaves too much room for discrepancies. As for the age waiver I completely disagree with anyone being allowed to participate if they turn 19 prior to Sept 1 of their Sr year. My beef is not with anyone. I just hope that we as parents will always be able to move when we want and not have to worry about our kids facing consequences. My Dad was a Coach and Administrator. I moved several times while going to school and faced no such consequences. Oops. Hope I didn't step on any toes with that comment.
  8. My point was not that the family was from MM it was that over the last several years over 6 student athletes (exceptional student athletes) have participated in the Canton athletic program while residing in the MM school district. If you have an open door policy of accepting students even though they don't move you really shouldn't have a problem with families leaving especially if they move and completely relocate. I think it was a good thing that the UIL overturned the DEC because I have to believe that nobody would want to know they had anything to do with a student not being able to participate. I also can understand the bad situation the Supt was in because he had to fight for his school but I bet deep down inside he is happy that the children are going to be allowed to participate at their new school
  9. I can not imagine the UIL even thinking about denying this family. What kind of precedent would be set if you moved your family, bought a house moved your business and then your kids could not participate? I truly can not believe that Canton of all people would fight this move. Good thing over the past several years that Martins Mill didn't go to the DEC and the UIL over their transfers to Canton.
  10. Malakoff High School - We just lost a coach to an Asst. Principal position yesterday. The applicant must be certified but we have several teaching fields available. If you are interested and can start next week please give us a call. Jamie Driskell Athletic Director/Head Football 903-681-4263
  11. This is a great job. PE is listed as the teaching field, they won 8 games the first year and 9 games the last 2 years. Driskell does a great job and I can see them improving year after year. If you are interested in being a part of a winning program you should get in touch with Jamie Driskell asap cuz I bet this one wont last long.
  12. He will do a great job and be totally professional. He has coached at just about every level and will be a great hire for both boys and girls athletics. I don't know if anyone can go 10-0 there but everyone deserves a great coach that can lead them in the right direction both academically, athletically and socially. Brad Wallace will do that as well as anyone out there.
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