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  1. I been to 2 gilmer games, if they let the 11 kid QB thay gotta shot, tha other kid all ova the map cant hit tah side of barn most of da time if they pla the 11 qb its anybody ball game if not they gon get beat like a rented mule
  2. Well since the Lobos took care of bidness las nite, I went over to Gilmer to see if the little hype the bucs was getn was fo real, lol, dem Buckeyes aint eva gonna be the Buckeyes wit them fools coachin, day got sum talent on da field but them dass coaches aint go no clue, I think that the same kid who couldn't hit tha side of a barn las year, he cant get out o his own way, the number 11 when they put him in he atleast got tha ball down the field, people, don't believe tha hype on gilmar, they be lucky to go 50% damn don't know how dat school board let that coach hang around, people in gilmer mus not care, aint watchn them buxs no more till one of them Traylers come bac. im out
  3. Gilmer needs to firr your coach, its ranin kats a dogs, and got good runnin backs and he tryin to throw the ball how stupid funniest sheet I ever heard
  4. das Ok ya took the D1 champs to the bell, and they was kinda saved by the bell, Hawks are here to sta. look like
  5. I saw a shor fa black dud at paris who dat
  6. o my god this is har to listen to, gilmer yall don let yall team go lik I said afta that paris game yall got to get a coach
  7. why don they run tha So qb he can run
  8. Turner done tor Traylor house down driv that damg ball down the field to the 2 yard line, down 3 scor and you cant push it in neva thought I would see this day
  9. hahaha you dreamn till one of dem Traylors come bak ya'll aint ever gone be good again wit dat coaching staff yall got Bar aint worth a damn and da rest are fill ins, an it shows, yall normaly always giv dawgs a game, they got young kids playn to look like dawgs playn a 1 a team, imma bet heads gone roll in Gilmer after dis
  10. like I said Gilmer is no mo, lik the man said Turner jus putting bodies in coaches slots they oline that was suppose to be big an bad, cant block me like I said gilmer is no mo all the gilmer folks know it dats why they aint on here no mor, Dawgs can play they 2s and beat gilmer lik a man told me over ther Turner will tear down what traylor built, took him a few yers but he did it sad sad, caus I was a fan. dawgs could be gilmer 70 to nuttn but Surratt wont do it tho
  11. why I come to this game an I knew gilmer sucked luckey tha aint 0-3 gilmer is no mo, gilmer need a coach im out
  12. Carthrage will have no problem with the mavs
  13. well imma say, Van can beat Gilmer, all the people I kno, in Gilmer say, Gilmer don't run in the 2 adays like in the Traylor time, say Turner cant get his kids to run, and all say the discipline is gone, so last few years Gilmer runnn out a gas in the 4th, said the D1 lineman couldn't hardly get on the field in 4th he so tired. I use to be a buck fan, but the las time I watch them play, they ran out of gas late, I said den no discipline , you can tell traylor is gone, they got the good players to be good, but don't go the xtra mile on gettn in good shape no more and I did wath that Melissa game las year, and you could see it bad mistakes after mistakes they need a new DC all the folks say over there they all hopn traylor will come back cause turner aint hungry
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