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  1. Yup about like Dekalb finds ways to take that LOSS!!
  2. DeKalb steam rolls Redwater in this one.
  3. 7th grade qb is good. He is injured 7th grade Rob is scary!! 6’3” 215lb and loves to run kids over!! 8th grade qb, wr and rb are all good...
  4. Gotta blame HS for something. Seems like since they can’t get out of first round year after year they always want to try and pull someone else down with them.
  5. Daingerfield didn’t turn EF in and EF didn’t turn Daingerfield in... Those two teams played a great game on the field. The fans in the stands on both sides did a great job of following the UIL guidelines Friday night. If you watch channel 3 sports broadcast about the game he even mentioned how empresses he was that people were wearing masks. My guess is the person that turned the two schools in came from a town that hasn’t played in a few weeks, had a star player move, can’t get past the first round of the playoffs and stirred the pot with Mount Vernon last year....
  6. My understanding is Tatum was scared to try to make a tackle. Which it doesn’t sound like there was much Defense played at all in that game. If that’s the case, and Tatum is scared to wrap up.... Daingerfield has two running backs that will run over them all night.
  7. Well that’s good for her. She will learn from a great group down at south. As far as me asking about board members and hiring committees; come on now you know know you don’t want to act like you don’t know why I’m talking about.
  8. Congratulations @NATUREBOY1 I saw you had a close family member join the Daingerfield Tiger payroll!! Guess the hiring committee or board members aren’t that stupid anymore huh? Or did they make another mistake?
  9. Not sure where the true animosity towards Nelson truly came from, but through faith and prayer if you truly mean this Post I am sure you will be fine.. So you we’re taking jabs at two guys??
  10. Should be a good game. Playing in EF... Waskom is giving up a few TDs to start the game playing there. Hoping Waskom pulls it out tonight to set up for a showdown next week. This district could shape up to be interesting....
  11. If you noticed the lineman that were in there were all playing different positions on the line than their original spots. The 3 backups played the 3rd and most the 4th quarter. Then they let the others play different positions. Getting a little work in for later.
  12. Ready to see that new turf broke in by them Daingerfield Tigers!!!
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