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  1. 3 quarterfinals, 2 semifinals,and other playoff appearances multiple top ten and top 5 state rankings, multiple district title and you don’t remember any players lol.
  2. We just got a new coach this season after over a decade. Gotta give him some time to clean up the mess lol. This team was already better than anticipated a few miscues kept this from being a playoff season. 2-8 to 6-4 is improvement, now you turn 6-4 to a 8-2 or 9-1
  3. Next year we will compete for the district title and home field advantage, this team will BE REALLY GOOD! Can’t wait man!
  4. God the O line play has been awful smh. Were lucky to only be down 20-5
  5. Mcnorth offense is better than forney's offense. Forney is a one trip pony on offense with their runningback, Mcnorth has weapons at all positions. I do think McNorth is more talented than Forney. North won't have home field but they do play well on the road. You do remember that McNorth beat Lancaster who forney had to beat in overtime to squeak out by one point? They can win this.
  6. Holmes said it was “his choice” also to leave but anybody that knows the real story knows that wasn’t the case. But hey you tell everybody on here what you want them to think. Also I’m not a “armchair” coach I actually coached and taught in the DFW in a pretty respectable district the last few years. But carry on.
  7. Lancaster was one play from beating them and and we only lost Lancaster by one score when everybody thought it wouldn’t be close. Forney haven’t been world beaters in district. I think they will lose to north and our game will be a toss up.
  8. Forney is a toss up after the showing they put out against Lancaster and LV. Tyler could very well win that game and it wouldn't surprise me
  9. what's in the water in LV man lol, how do y'all churn these dudes out like this!
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