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  1. I didn’t really understand it in the first place lol. Even at 50% percent capacity it was still enough room for them. I think schools just wanted as much home field advantage as possible I guess lol
  2. Will the away bands be allowed at the games this year?
  3. True Tyler starting 0-3 back in 2011 and made it all the way to state semifinals, even 2018 Tyler started the season with 66-0 loss to cedar hill and then went on to win district and go 4 rounds deep.
  4. Wow, so Thomas is a state championship caliber QB? Like Haynes king level?, if you put a lot of stock in this kid I would hope it pans out for y’all. I trust y’all judgments
  5. Yea it’s kinda wrong to just give it to the other guys when Allen did almost take y’all to a state title game last year, it’s not he was terrible like Sanchez at Tyler or something. He should start until other wise, if Thomas was worried about starting it’s a lot other schools in east Texas that need a QB lol. Heck go over to hallsville or pine tree lol.
  6. Not really most of the games are at home. Longview is even a “home game” cause we are so close
  7. What’s some good places to eat at in Texarkana?
  8. Not literal terms bottom feeder but they are one of the most overhyped teams in the state, them and lancaster. Desoto got 1 title in the whole programs existence and we act like they Katy lol. You know how many schools have at least one title? A lot. Nothing great, a lot teams win 9-10 games a year doesn’t mean nothing. Desoto is a decent to good level program but a lot of the hype is simply because they are a DFW team.
  9. You have Katy, west lake,north shore, Southlake, Carthage, aledo, etc and they pick a bottom feeder
  10. One thing Longview fans can’t really knock me on is predictions lol. I’m usually spot on, and that was pretty evident when y’all played lancaster last season I told y’all it was gonna be a blowout and wasn’t gonna be close and it was exactly as I said too lol but none of y’all believed me y’all believed the hype of what DCTF and other news outlets said about them but eye test that weren’t really good. Even in 2018 no believed JT could win district let alone almost go to state, y’all called me crazy but it happened. But That’s just one of many. I’ll even put out a bold bet right now for LV fan
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