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  1. Hearing rumors that still Holmes wants Sanchez at QB is this true man?? Holmes needs to be checked in to get his brain checked if he picks him over the transfer.
  2. True but was that 2-6 more of the team or the QB could be a lack of skill players. But by the looks of it they were in winning range of most of the losses they have outside of state finalist cedar park which is understandable and Hendrickson who was a decent team. So we will see what he got, at this point he is better than anything we got, hell y’all need to give us a QB y’all being stingy over there taking up all the good QBs LOL.
  3. Interesting hopefully he can stay. Tyler would potentially be a top three team in the district if this can gel.
  4. Heard an east Texas coach is about to take the job at forney? Hopefully Holmes LOL
  5. I know this might be more far fetched for me but I feel like Lancaster offense was more dangerous than Ryan’s and that’s saying a lot for me LOL. But the defense is legit! But I don’t see a team left that could score on them
  6. Holmes is not gonna change anything because it Holmes. He can not win a game next year and he will still blame everybody but himself that’s why it won’t change. He sees no wrong doing by him. Which it is why will it will be another season like we just had.
  7. I think Wylie east will be enough for a win, defense will be good enough to hold i think, Texas high depends on what they have coming back, cause I mean they finally beat us for the first time in almost a decade
  8. Really a toss up any games could either way with this team
  9. What y’all think about this one, I don’t expect much difference but a plus for more experience but still need a QB. What do we have coming up? @JTFAN99 @CUJONATION83 @3rdcoastent @cujoforlife way too early schedule prediction At Texas High- flip that one possibly a W? Vs Tyler Legacy- L Miller and donnel will be too much Vs Nac- I think an easy W Vs Horn- I think horn takes this one. L Vs North- don’t know what they have coming- but since we’re at home give us the dub W At West- I think another W Vs- East- close but another W since we at home At- Highl
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