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  1. Welp looks like week one over again. Kinda hate to say I expected it.. you don’t lose to someone that bad and think it will change a second time around. Hate it for the Bo’s.
  2. +1 although hicks is a great RB it’s a reason he is a three and Miller is dang near a 5 star because it’s a BIG difference between them. Lol. Miller is top 3 running back all time in east TEXAS.
  3. My heart says Denton Ryan my head says Longview. This a tough one for the Bo’s
  4. Rooting for y’all next week but man it’s gonna be tough!!
  5. Very true what I don’t understand is why are they not in district 4?? It makes more sense why drive across the DFW to Dallas when aledo and others are closer.
  6. I could stil see tyler getting second, lancaster would be a toss up but they have started losing kids with Gilbert leaving. Red oak was not good, north mesquite lord they were awful. Timber view is a toss up but I think we could get them.
  7. Can’t find bingosmith he went into hiding, I guess he thought the Longview win would make his team go to state
  8. Same as last year lancaster is terrible. lobos by whatever
  9. I think he would been great but not as good as he was at legacy because our offensive is straight garbage!!
  10. Once people start Holmes accountable sorry coaching and picking sorry staff then the program will be in a better place, it ridiculous that some fans are ok with being mediocre. That’s why we are at home and legacy is thriving. Holmes has had years to get it right, I don’t care about who is coming back will be average as hell again because we have coaches that don’t develop players, and we play a defense that will lose us more games until we change the scheme. We don’t have QB, because Mcfall is not a QB he is a RB. We just are down bad and will have another wasted season and will be that way every year as long as Holmes is over the program. We will be just like Lufkin is currently.
  11. That’s exactly what he is a damn show and nothing show for it! And these idiots in tyler fall right behind him, we going no where next year either. I don’t care how much we got coming back Holmes gonna find a way to F it up!
  12. Holmes has no credibility to me he has ridden the coat tails of excellent players for years. Now he has to actually coach and he can’t do it. No development of players just nothing. Just stealing a paycheck
  13. Every person on the coaching staff, should go home and look at them selves in the mirror and just say…. Im trash at what I do, and I should resign…. Everyone have a good season. I’m checking out until next season.. see y’all in February, I’ll be over on Longview boards until they lose.
  14. I always said this too. My saying is brooks put us back to winning, rush put us back into state contention, and Holmes made tyler “box office” in terms of selling the program as a contender
  15. The man wade has been making highlights all season he doesn’t have to prove any, i wouldn’t even worry about this
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