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  1. Argyle will do very well in 5a D2. Deep playoff runs and contending for state titles. Not much different than what they are currently doing. Only the elite schools will give them problems. Not sure they are ready to beat Aledo right now, but as the school keeps growing they will have more talent to build with. They are a top 5 team in that class right now, maybe top 3. Aledo, FB Marshall, Ennis, Huntsville, Lovejoy?
  2. They must already have their guy on the current staff.
  3. That’s what I’m thinking. Gonna be hard to find a coach that’s wanting to come work for the previous coach. Sounds like it could be a mess waiting to happen. Hire from within or somebody with close ties to the program that can work under Wood without issues.
  4. Agree. Don’t know why they both wouldn’t at least kick the tires. He has to be on a short list of coaches that aren’t already HFC you would want leading your program.
  5. Probably won’t happen, but Preston is actually a really goof fit for Kilgore. Would like to see it happen just so I could see that Kilgore D. Teams in y’all’s district and in R3 would have a tough time scoring on a Preston D where he was making all the personnel decisions. Just have to get somebody in there to run a variation of Surratt’s offense and develop a QB. Kilgore always has stud RB and WR (even though they don’t throw it to them much). Call me a homer, but I think Preston has Kilgore contending for state titles year one, and would have a chance to win one pretty quick. Especially with
  6. Carthage won state titles before Preston arrived and will continue after he is gone, as long as Surratt is the HC. Not diminishing what Preston has contributed at all, but this is Surratt’s program.
  7. Not all Carthage folks. If he leaves and wins big I would be happy for him. Would love to see what kind of program he could build.
  8. But I can almost guarantee Preston would have Kilgore humming in just a few years. Would love to see what Coach Preston could do at Kilgore. Carthage vs Kilgore would be a game to see every year!
  9. Not sure why Preston would take a job working under AD Wood. I think it would be a great fit as far as football and winning is concerned, just don’t know why he would want to work under an AD at a school the size of Kilgore. Another question is how much would the pay be in his situation? Is Kilgore going to want to pay 2 x 6 figure salaries for a HFC and AD?
  10. NVM, I just read where Wood was full time AD.
  11. You think that’s what Carthage needs to put themselves over the top?
  12. Lol. Don’t need to court any of these kids or their parents. They come on their own cause they want to win. EB just stirring the pot.
  13. If I had to guess I’d say the Carthage QB will be the JV QB from last year. About the same size as Horton.
  14. What about PG? What do they bring back? Carthage has to replace some Horton, Courtney, Smith, McNew and some of the OL on offense. But the good news is a lot of underclassman got playing time last season in clean up duty. Defense will be outstanding again. Excited to see Kip as a senior. He is working hard and looks like it’s paying off.
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