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  1. I agree with you on the last 4 years. Surratt’s program really took another step since 2017 (as crazy as that sounds). Carthage used to take time to get into playoff form, and would drop some games early. That hasn’t been the case the last 4-5 years. With that said I also agree with Cotton. Carthage has some tough games. I will be thoroughly impressed if Carthage just runs over Crosby and SA. If they do that then doubt anybody stays close. But IMO Carthage will have some small growing pains early on offense early this year and the 1st 2 games of the year are against arguably the 2 best te
  2. Excited to see Reese this year. Hope Bellville and Carthage meet in the playoffs. I think Bellville is set up for their best season in a while.
  3. Suffering from the same thing Sleepy Joe has.
  4. Lol. Are you a little cranky? Who said they would win a state title? This is a discussion about the 4a D1 Top 10 and contenders. El Campo is a very interesting team that made a coaching change and has some studs returning. They definitely deserve to be in the conversation of pre-season favorites. Not sure about your response to a post giving facts about a team that’s relevant to this thread. You ok?
  5. Agree 100%. Really everything is set up for them to go on a run. They have a strong tradition. El Campo is a program that has won 702 games in its history. Even before they dropped down in 2012 EC was a perennial playoff team. They are also one of the biggest schools in 4a DI with an enrollment of 1,154. They have a good core returning on both sides of the ball. 5 star RB. A group of OL that just one the state lineman challenge. A new coach who literally built an elite state championship caliber program from scratch before arriving at El Campo. I’m not saying El Campo is going to have the
  6. Looking at the season Cornerstone Christian had last year they should be a tough game for Carthage too. They beat Calallen and LBJ last year, 2 very good 4a DI teams. Overall they were 10-1 and won a private school state championship. So Carthage has 2 teams that on paper should give them all they want the first 2 weeks of the season.
  7. That whole short story and didn’t answer the question. Is it Melissa or LV? Not sure either will beat Argyle in the regular season.
  8. Looks like El Campo might make a serious run for a title this year, and the next couple years. Interested to see how Coach Worrell does at EC. I don’t see why he won’t have similar results as he did at Brock. El Campo reminds me a little bit of Carthage pre-Surratt. Always have a good RB and big boys on the OL. When I have seen them they have always had good athletes overall. I think they are an elite coach away from making some serious noise. Don’t think Worrell leaves the program he built in Brock unless he thought the job he was taking had a lot of potential. I would assume he had plenty of
  9. La Vega will bounce back from a 9-3 season. Hopefully QB situation is a lot more stable than last year. Coach Hyde will have them ready for a Championship run.
  10. Henderson game in 2016. Gilmer game that same year. Kilgore in 2017. You already mentioned PG game in 2018. There has been some great games and atmospheres over the years. But I agree, there is a lot of times it’s a lot more quiet than it should be on a Friday night. But in some fans defense, it’s hard to get loud and rowdy when the Dawgs are running roughshod over Jax or Pali (no offense to those teams). Hasn’t been many close home games on this current run from 2017 until now. But I was it’s pointing out that it does get electric in Carthage when I big game is being played there. It’s n
  11. It’s not the norm every week, but when Bulldog Stadium is sold out it’s pretty electric. We have had some crowds/games straight out of the movies. But I definitely agree with others, wish Carthage had better fans on a every week basis.
  12. I saw that too. Waskom HC is a straight shooter. I like that!
  13. Argyle will do very well in 5a D2. Deep playoff runs and contending for state titles. Not much different than what they are currently doing. Only the elite schools will give them problems. Not sure they are ready to beat Aledo right now, but as the school keeps growing they will have more talent to build with. They are a top 5 team in that class right now, maybe top 3. Aledo, FB Marshall, Ennis, Huntsville, Lovejoy?
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