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  1. As they should. Why wouldn’t people from Longview want their kids playing for anybody else besides King. Benchwarmer or not? Those benchwarmers are a big part of programs. Scout team guys have a big part in a programs success. But I don’t know about being a “star” at another or gram. Unless we are taking about 2a or 3a DII level. If a kid can’t even start at Longview, doubt he can find many places to go where he wound be considered a “star”. Maybe their are different opinion on what star is. As far as parents wanting their kids to play for certain coach’s I would hope that has a lot more to do with how the coach teaches the kids and what life lessons are taught, rather than success in wins and losses. A lot of coaches in ETX that are great men and excellent teachers might not have the most wins every year, but you would still want your kids learning from them. Don’t get me wrong winning and having those other attributes I mentioned would be the goal, but there is only a handful of guys who do can do both at a high level, and we all consider those guys elite. Obviously all the area kids cannot play at the same 3-4 schools with those kind of coaches. So you have to pick which one you would choose. I hope parents would choose the coach that’s going to make their sons a better young man over the coach that is going to put winning above everything else, treats people badly and is not a good role model in the process of getting those wins.
  2. Yea Longview has always had studs at the RB position. Multiple guys in the league. But you and ANTI pointed out Longview consistently has some of the best trench play in the state. Putting guys in the league. The GOAT played for King at Longview. King was at the draft with him if I’m not mistaken. Given King’s background, I think it’s safe to say a lot of the RB success Longview has had was because King and his staff put so much emphasis on line play and they are so good at coaching it. That’s obvious. But Longview has had some dudes come thru there at the RB position. Like ANTI said about the line, same can be said about the RB position. Forget about putting guys D1, they are putting guys in the league. But I guess you can say that about a lot of positions at Longview. Amazing how many guys they have put in the league. As for Carthage they have also always had good line play even during the Pre-Surratt era. Sleepy always had a good OL. And they almost always had a stud RB. Some big names have come thru Carthage as far as HS studs. Some legendary ETX guys that some of the older posters will recognize. So yes Carthage has amazing line play during Surratts tenure. Besides QB play I think the OL and DL play has been the 2nd most important factor in Surratt’s run at Carthage. But the Carthage RB’s pre-date Surratt by a lot of years.
  3. For sure. TT is a much different situation than Kaidon. TT was always a Longview kid even though his Dad graduated from Carthage. I doubt he has ever lived in Carthage. I was really just poking a little fun with you mentioning Tatum. But like I said Graves was always going to be a Bulldog. Graves will be an excellent addition to the incoming Freshman class next year at Carthage. Graves will team up with another son of a former Carthage RB, KJ Edwards who will only be a sophomore next year. Those 2 will be fun to watch once they get on Varsity together. Both Longview and Carthage always seem to have a stud RB and another one coming behind that one!
  4. Kaidon’s father is from Carthage and played RB at Carthage in the early 2000’s. All of his family is in Carthage. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody. He was always gonna be a Bulldog. Lucky they didn’t want Tatum to be a Bulldog. But that’s a different situation since his dad didn’t play FB and wasn’t close to the program.
  5. What? Both have 4 correct? Carthage has lost only 2 games. Aledo has 1 more appearance. Am I missing something? Like I said, a lot of ETX fans tired of Carthage.
  6. Strange thread. Some ETX fans seem like they are tired of Carthage. Congrats to Aledo for being the #1 program in Texas in a made up DCTF poll. I think even Carthage fans can admit Aledo has equal success as Carthage and does it at a higher level. Can agree 1a and 1b. Carthage has lost 2 games in 6 years. Craziness. People can say whatever they want. That’s ridiculous.
  7. Carthage would dog walk Lufkin and JT the last couple years. Look how bad they have beat Marshall.
  8. Nate Marry was awesome. Great player. But, Brown and Gates were 230 pound grown men with beards that played like they had babies to feed! I think you should rewatch some of the games. Also not taking away from your opinion. It’s just for kicks.
  9. Really? Gates, Brown and Dejulian at LB were all 3 as good as Carthage has had. Colbert and a literal track star in the secondary in Hicks. Also Whitlock, Owens and Hicks were all studs as sophomores. I think you could be mis-remembering or just looking at the points allowed? You would have a hard time finding more then 2-3 players from 2022 that would’ve started on that D.
  10. I guess people can have different opinions, but I’m not sure how anybody doesn’t believe 2017 was the best team to come through Carthage. Still one of the best teams I have seen in person at any level. I don’t think any of Surratt’s teams executed at that high of a level prior to that team or since.
  11. 1. 2017 2. 2020 3. 2008 4. 2013 5. 2010 1. Morgan 2. Horton 3. Bogie 4. Capps 5. Cuff
  12. Exactly. There are plenty of teams in D1 that would beat GR. They would have had a tough time getting out of R1. But Borne will have to show me they can beat CS. CS is on a heck of a run. I won’t bet against them until they get beat. We will find out in a few days.
  13. What makes you think Glen Rose could beat China Spring? Glen Rose would not win state in D1. They went as far as they were going to go. They had a great season.
  14. Original DOD was Carthage, Gilmer, Henderson, Pittsburg in 2010. Carthage and Gilmer has just won a state championship in 2009. Henderson was dropping from old 4a. Pitt had gone to the regional final in 2009 if I remember correctly. We know what Carthage and Henderson did in 2010. Kilgore and CH joined a couple years later. Carthage was in and out of the district depending on where the UIL put them until 4a split D1 and D2.
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