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  1. China Spring was just better than everybody else this year. Plain and simple. Congrats to them on a state championship. Cherish it. I know y’all’s whole town must be ecstatic! Great season Buckeyes. Back to back trips on the state final is nothing to hang your head about. Will be right back in it next year. GATA this off-season. My Dawgs have some more retooling to do for the 2022 season. Should be another great year. But expectations will need to be tempered a little bit. Obviously its championship or bust every year in Carthage and the offense should be much improved with another year in the system and a lot returning. But pretty much entire D is gone. Or at least a large chunk of it. But reinforcements are on the way and soon!! Might see some freshman on the Varsity next year. Got a couple back to back special classes coming!
  2. Crosby got beat by a 4a DII team that didn’t make it past the 3rd round. I would expect them to want to keep that quiet. I don’t think there is a wound except for these seniors and the rest of the coaches and players. Fans? Yea of course we want to win every game from know until kingdom come, but that’s just not realistic. I’m thankful for a great season and some new records in the books. The bar is set so high at Carthage that this is a disappointment, but I won’t look at it as that. Just another great season that came up a little shorter than some of the rest.
  3. Officiating?? Well I won’t even go there. Carthage fans, believe it or not, and contrary to popular belief, usually tip our hat to teams that beat our Dawgs, so I will just leave it alone. Maybe another day.
  4. Nice win. Act like you been their before, ohh wait you haven’t. Again nice win CS. Hope this isn’t one of your fans. Probably just a troll.
  5. No one that has followed Carthage this year should be shocked by this score.
  6. Carthage program has nothing to hang their head about. This group of seniors won a lot of ball games. Thanks for a great season. I know it stings right now for the players, coaches, and fans but tomorrow is a new day. Thanks to all the seniors for all you have done for this program and all the hard work. Y’all all got a ring and helped the program win a program record 41 games in a row. That was a hell of a ride. Time to start a new streak!
  7. Now go win it all. Y’all got the team to do it. Execution was unbelievable. Were not the least bit intimidated. Brought the hat all night. That looked like a state title finalist to me, and my pick as the state champ.
  8. CS execution was excellent. Very disciplined team.
  9. Congrats to CS. Great team. Y’all go win state. Now is only the time to congratulate them on their win, there will be time for lots of discussion in the coming days. Thought CS played about as good of a game as they could, and came away with a huge win. Great season Dawgs. Keep your heads up.
  10. Felt like 100 to nothing. Domination. Nobody that was there will ever forget that. Looked like Carthage was running in sand compared to LV. That was a great LV team, and one that is probably not talked about enough historically. Probably because they should’ve dominated Argyle, but didn’t play well in the championship and almost got beat. Carthage made a good run that year and it was a lot of fun watching them play, they were all heart. They were down to their last bit of gas when they met LV in the semi-final. Ran out of gas after the first drive.
  11. I don’t know. Maybe. I’m saying I think this is the toughest game the Carthage program has played since 2019. Carthage had some close playoff games that year. Played some really good teams. Carthage has not played a close game in the playoffs the last 2 years. Last year was ridiculous. Outscored opponents 244-42, and that includes a forfeit by Gatesville who Carthage would’ve beaten by 50. So it really should’ve been close to outscoring opponents 300-42. This year no close games in the playoffs. The Crosby and Gilmer games were pretty close this year (Crosby very close), but they were just regular season pre-district games. Not much riding on winning or losing. Like I said I think this is Carthage’s toughest game in a couple years given it’s in the 3rd round of the playoffs.
  12. This is gonna be a hell of a game. Toughest game for Carthage since the beginning of 2020.
  13. I didn’t think about that comparison, but you are right! I think #3 might even have a little more speed than Colbert. If he is 75% of what Colbert was in the playoffs in 2017, than he is going to be a weapon!
  14. Run game was on point last night. Williams and Cabada continue to improve. Really impressed with #21’s long speed last night. He looked like the fastest kid on the field and was making 1 cut and getting north and south in a hurry. As usual cotton84’s input was spot on. Using #3 out of the backfield some last night was something that looks like it’s going to be a big part going forward. He looked good coming out of the backfield. I liked those swing passes to him and it also looks like he is the best option on those jet sweeps. This offense will continue improving as they get more experienced, but all the fans should be excited about what they saw last night. I know I was.
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