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  1. They get to come out once every 2 or 3 years. Let’em get it out of their system. Likely to be awhile before that happens again.
  2. It’s coming. I think most Carthage fans will show them how to act after losing a game. Lol at one Longview posters ecstatic Carthage got beat . Let’em talk. Carthage just went 13-1 with 16 sophomores. Great job by the Carthage program!
  3. What a game. Both teams left it all out there. Carthage a year early. Great season! So much coming back. These seniors had a great career. Cannot help but to be happy for Gilmer. Way to go Buckeyes. Special win when not many were giving your guys much of a chance. Go win the whole thing! Gotta love TXHSFB.
  4. Gotta love Carthage vs Gilmer. This looks like a shootout in the making. Gilmer looks great! They came to play! Dawgs have had opportunities. They will settle in.
  5. Couple of things. Lol at someone saying Jeff Traylor has not proven he could win on the 6a level in HS football. Could he go to the worst schools in the state and win titles? No. But give him talent and he will win. Put him at Longview and they are on their way winning back to back titles in 5a DI right now. But I also agree with some others from Longview. Becareful what you wish for. Look at Marshall, Lufkin, JT and others in ETX. It can go south quick. Jon King is a sure thing. I actually think what other people have stated is a fantastic idea, find a young smart coordinator and let him run your offense. Have somebody handle your situational football. Train some guys. King runs an awesome program. Let him manage. He obviously connects with the kids. That won’t be easy for any coach to come to Longview Texas and do that. And for everybody bringing up Surratt. Just stop. You gotta be dumb to think he doesn’t win at any level of HS football with average to above average talent. Ask yourself this. What if instead of coming to Carthage in 2008, he took over Texas High’s program? They were rolling when he was there. Last thing. Carthage faithful should just be happy Carthage got extremely lucky with Surratt. 1-9 back to back seasons after Sleepy if I remember correctly. Bickham struggling to make playoffs with super talented groups. Even missed playoffs. On the way to being a below average program stuck in the mud. This is what it is at most HS in the state. Top managers like King are a rare breed. If it was easy everybody would be doing it.
  6. That’s what a D1 football player looks like as a sophomore!! PG didn’t have any of those dudes. Best player on the field and he is probably only 15 years old!
  7. See my previous posts. I stand on what I said. National signing day is coming soon. It they have 3 kids that will sign P5, that is very impressive! Why the need for everybody to overstate and say PG has 8-9 D1 players? I just don’t get it.
  8. Ok, I can agree to that. A lot of guys all over ETX that look good with their shirts off sporting a 6 pack that run a 4.5 forty. Very few are D1 “football” players.
  9. If PG has 5 players that will play for Arkansas, Alabama, Baylor, TCU and OK State then they should be playing up in 6a. Sounds like Desoto or Northshore to me.
  10. Like I said. PG does not have 8 “legit” DI players. Some of those kids might be getting looks and might even make it 4 years at a DI university, but statistics say otherwise. I don’t care what their twitter timeline or PG athletic department say. National signing day is coming soon. Let’s see. There won’t be any questions. If they have 8 guys sign letter of intent to play for DI universities then I will admit I was wrong.
  11. I don’t care what anybody says. PG does not have 8 “legit” D1 players. They have some studs for 4a DII ball. Great HS players. But thats it. Maybe a couple guys will be impact players on the D1 level, but statistics say probably not.
  12. Great game and hell of a season for PG. Impressive team. It’s unbelievable how many of these types of playoff games Carthage has played in and won since 2008. Carthage is just like horror movie when you play them…as soon as you think the monster is dead, they come back to life. You just cannot kill’em!
  13. PG coaching staff adjusted well in the 1st half on offense. Let’s see how Preston adjusts in the 2nd half.
  14. Great game! PG has some dudes on both sides of the ball! Very fast. But I wouldn’t bet against them Dawgs in the 2nd half. Surratt and Preston find a way if only by 1!
  15. That team was still pretty good. I think the program overall is much better now. That was still early days. But 3 times more talented? Not sure about that one. Ed Pope was on that team. Bogie was the sophomore QB. Had a ton of sophomores that didn’t lose many games after that season. Competition was a little more stiff. Lost to Lindale, CH, Gilmer and Argyle.
  16. I think the poster was pointing out that PG having 9 D1 players is a huge exaggeration. I agree. Neither PG or Carthage has ever had 9 D1 players on their roster at the same time. They both might have 3-4…probably not though. I agree with the previous guy. If PG has 9 legit D1 players on their roster Carthage is in a big trouble.
  17. Carthage has improved every game, and are playing at a high level despite being one of the youngest teams I can remember at Carthage. Maybe similar to 2011, but with a lot more depth and better top end talent. Going to be a hell of a game next week. PG is legit. Have watched them a couple times this year including when they dismantled Gilmer. They have the players to hang with Carthage. If somebody is going to beat Carthage anytime soon, it better be this year. They are going to be filthy the next few seasons.
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