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  1. BUCKEYES ALL THE WAY. keep it rolling north east TEXAS
  2. gotta go with our neighbor MT. PLEASANT in this one by 28
  3. let the games begin FRIDAY night. good luck to all, injury free.
  4. 9-1 still make playoffs, 1st or 2nd n district. maybe a loss to ss.
  5. nice stadium. hope my team plays there soon.n playoffs.
  6. prayers to the family of a fallen warrior. may he rest on wings of angels. from a p.p. alumni.
  7. who does pitt play next week?
  8. just seen thread today. prayers from paul pewitt.
  9. prayers to the NEW BOSTON community, school, families, from a 1980 p.p. alumni. may god bless and keep you'll n this time of sorrow.
  10. i was at the waskom p.p. game last year. field looked pretty good last year. i know the waskom fans are proud of it. maybe next century we can get one. good luck this season with no injurys.
  11. then the brahmas will straighten ur hair out for u. just sayin
  12. I know you people from HS are excited and think that you are the next coming of Celina, but let me clue you in on something, no one and i mean no one knows about HS football in the metroplex, however, people know about Pewitt football and respect it. HS has not developed that yet. You can come an steal the offense and put your own little wrinkles to it but you still have a long ways to go before you can mention yourself in the same category. Your logic about the past is stupid. Why do they continue to talk about the 83 daingerfield team? Thats called tradition! It really does have to #### to live so close to two schools that have so much of that! Is that why you guys dont want to talk about the past? Do you HS people need to go talk to dr. Phil about something that has happened to you guys in the past because you try your best to keep it out of conversations. Is HS slogan this year round 3 in 1-3? Lmao. I knew I could get some goof ball manifesto style response from you. So predictable. We live by ONE school who is all that and a bag of chips. Just like folks from PP do.lmao. As I said, when HS and OPP square off, it won't matter what some blow hard OR anyone in the metroplex thinks or has heard of. Sorry, but PP ain't no DField either. Never has been. u want to say don't go back to the past. i'll say one thing and then i'll let it go. when has a h.s. football team ever beat d'field. everytime they play, there is mustang snot and tears all over the field. p.p. has beat them 7 times n the history of the two schools. most recent n 2006. n a morris county shootout. almost like a state game. you are right, pewitt is not d'field. never will b. past seasons don't win games. neither do traditions. this year is this year. the better team will win. i went to both schools. they both run deep with traditions, and talent. just a morris county thing.one last thing, n 1968 when d'field won their first state championship, p.p. wasd the only team to beat them that year. JUST SAYING.
  13. Getting to the fourth round once is not exactly on Pewitt level, but if you think so......lol. Quit whining. As long as HS is beating PP or playing close games with them. Duh...Gomer...same level or above. Don't worry about the past. Won't help you today. Hell Naples had an ice house once upon a time too but you can't get ice there now can you?? Keep dreaming about yesterday JW and see where that gets you.hahaha no, but you can buy wine there.
  14. apparently you'll gonna bring same refs as last year when e.f, and p.p. played.
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