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  1. c'ville will be fine like they always are in bb. look for them to go deep in 2a.
  2. congratulations to h.s. on one heck of a season.great run. also, congrats to elysian fields. on pulling the team together late in season and taking care of business. keep 9-2a d2 alive. beat e.b.:D
  3. yeah should be a good one. mustangs winning 70 to 21 in 4th.
  4. :angry: looks like basketball season for another team. congrats on a stellar season.
  5. lets hear it. who ya got to win.
  6. can someone tell me the score of game
  7. what was the final on this game?
  8. pewitt has mostly jv from last year on varsity. very few returning seniors from last years team. so it's highly likely we'll be down this season. hopefully they can pull one or two out. if not we can always pull for the rest of the district. hopefully we'll be more competitive next season.
  9. congrats to dekalb good game. bulls started playing late always a great rivalry
  10. i agree with you. pulling for pitt. good luck to pitt this season, and stay healthy.:D
  11. who does pittsburg play? and what are your thoughts on who will win?:excl:
  12. young bunch of kids. just need someone to step up and be a leader. should get better as season progresses. need to add passing to the game though.got some pretty good returning players. need a couple of tough games to knock rust off. :D GO BULLS
  13. d'field by 2 touchdowns possibly more.
  14. who plays who in non district
  15. prayers from the home of the PAUL H. PEWITT BRAHMAS.
  16. gotta go with h s in this one. two great ballteams. should be a barnburner.both teams salty. good luck to both teams this season and stay healthy.
  17. ready for some friday nite action, n 9 2a d2.how'd everyone's teams do in scrimmages. lets hear it.

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