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  1. lot of respect for winonas team, fans, school district. had a heck of a season. made bulls earn it.
  2. winona can use that broom for the gym floor monday. congrats to winona on a great season
  3. way to go bulls. guess D8 gonna have to put that broom back n the closet
  4. still say HOOKS takes this game
  5. found that out last year. had huge talent field, all stayed out till end of season. hope all teams stay injury free whether they win or lose. in the end they are all teens.
  6. we'll bring xtra, winona will need them. bring a few frontal impact airbags too
  7. didn't know pewitt played any quality teams this year other than hooks
  8. wasn't comparing them to anyone, just replying to a post. yeah also, any team with major talent injured can be whooped easily.
  9. always find out on the field. only place to put all this to rest.
  10. don't know about 34 points, but i'll bring fire extinguisher in case.
  11. yes pewitt knows all about that. all the butt whippings and all. happens time to time to good teams.wished N.B. had lot less injuries. liked to have seen how we'd actually done with healthier lions. no direspect.
  12. last year 2014. it's 2015 now.
  13. man someone needs some paper towels
  14. that's right. ever heard of improvement. i remenber a few games ago. Bulls put a major butt whooping on NEW BOSTON. JUST SAYING. n
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