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  1. Pewitt plays a hell of a game to have a 6-4 record.. they had there way all night against winona.. hats off to them boys hope yall go deep to show that winona is a tough team and we went out swinging.. good season winona things are looking up for us... # winona fan

    lot of respect for winonas team, fans, school district. had a heck of a season. made bulls earn it.

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  2. agree 1000% with the major talent injury...In bigger schools it hurts but in the smaller schools it can be season ending!

    found that out last year. had huge talent field, all stayed out till end of season. hope all teams stay injury free whether they win or lose. in the end they are all teens.

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  3. I see everything all you Pewitt folks are saying. I saw where Pigskin Prep has the Brahmas favored by 11. You are all wrong. Just make sure the training staff brings plenty of extra mouthpieces, chinstraps, and helmet clips, because there are going to be some car accidents happening out on that field Friday night.

    we'll bring xtra, winona will need them. bring a few frontal impact airbags too

  4. Good post. I understand what you're saying. Y'all took some lumps earlier in the season and we did too. I'm not gonna try to explain away the Hawkins and OC games- we played badly in those games. But like PP, thats not who we are now. Its hard to gauge how good Paul Pewitt really is for me because I do feel that district is down. Between PP and Hooks, the only good teams they played in district were each other. It seems our teams are very similar to me... Spread offenses, solid but not flashy on O, both rely on very salty defenses somewhat that are strong and hard hitting. Just solid, efficient football teams. Could be something of a mirror match. If so, the team that takes care of the football the best and makes the fewest mistakes will take the win.

    spot on

  5. I'd say D8 is riding Waskoms coat tail. Waskom beat the brakes off of all of y'all including 2nd place WR. The rest of you just sorted out the rest of the line up. Make no mistake, Waskom is the real deal, the rest of you are just wannabes. I don't know how the games will turn out Friday but there's only one team in D8 that has a chance to get past a couple of rounds and that's Waskom. You play in an 8 team district so you can't control much of what your schedule looks like, but just because y'all play with Waskom don't make the rest of you Waskom. If y'all are all so tough, line up some teams next year like Waskom and Mineola before district starts, then we'll see how loud you crow.


  6. I'm not saying they will lay down... No one expects them to. I just had to speak up for Winona with all of these people picking Pewitt to roll. Thats laughable. They could only be making those predictions off of history and/or homerism. Thats not what any reliable factors would indicate. The Brahmas have lost to every quality team have played... Sorry, but thats the truth.


    As far as being all talk, ok? So are you and everyone else that posts 'talk' on smoaky. You can call me all talk... My squad is all business. You're about to find out.

    didn't know pewitt played any quality teams this year other than hooks

  7. If im not mistaking everybody has put a butt whooping on "NEW BOSTON"! Waskom beat em with jv kids playing and I mean by 40 or more! lol...I sure wouldn't use that team for comparison!

    wasn't comparing them to anyone, just replying to a post. yeah also, any team with major talent injured can be whooped easily.

  8. To RomoHOF, blue1980, NatureBoi and others-


    Wake up... This is 2015, not 1995. I see a lot of people saying Pewitt is going to win, but no one saying how or why. Because they dominated common opponents? No sir. Waskom and Arp played both; Winona beat one and played better than Pewitt against the other. The Brahmas were dominated by both. Neither of those teams have any love for Winona and their people have all picked Winona to win. Is it because district 7 is better? Not at all. District 8 dominated heads up vs District 7 and against common opponents. Our district lost 1 vs Hughes Springs who is now a mere shell of what they were at that time. It must be because District 7 and its teams have held the upper hand vs District 8 teams in recent playoff history. Wrong. District 8 teams have run on you boys like junk iron across the board in recent years. So dont be on here trying to rewrite history.


    You guys ignore all facts and logic and just spew on and on about what you WANT to happen... But you dont always get what you want. Better talk to Santa Clause and hope Christmas comes early for y'all, because without a miracle Winona is beating Pewitt, Arp is beating Hooks, and D7 is getting swept out of the first round. Like I said. So keep sleeping on Winona. We love it... We feed off of it. But our boys are sending y'all to the crib Friday night. ⬆⚡

    always find out on the field. only place to put all this to rest.

  9. Wasn't surprised seeing how at least 10 of our season starters were out. PP knows the feeling being injury plagued last year.


    I think this game will be on of the few close ones. Good luck.

    yes pewitt knows all about that. all the butt whippings and all. happens time to time to good teams.wished N.B. had lot less injuries. liked to have seen how we'd actually done with healthier lions. no direspect.

  10. And he pretends Hughes Springs still had the same kids that played Arp and he knows nothing about the offensive changes made in Arp which made them better. Winona beat Arp after they made the offensive change #1. Arp is unbeaten since making offensive change #2&3. Got it. Winona has a better team than Pewit all the way around. Size, speed and the staff to accompany it. Got it. PP won in a horrible district that is about to either get swept or go 1-3 in the playoffs. Im thinking 0-4 is the outcome.

    Got it


    man someone needs some paper towels

  11. The only comparisons I could see is Winona got beat by Waskom but scored 21 points and Paul Pewitt played Waskom and didn't score any.


    Also Winona beat Arp but Paul Pewitt was shut out.

    that's right. ever heard of improvement. i remenber a few games ago. Bulls put a major butt whooping on NEW BOSTON. JUST SAYING.


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