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  1. GOTTA go with the WILDCATS BY 28
  2. Gotta go with the dawgs in this one. Who let the dogs out. :)
  3. Hope all district teams stays healthy for rest of season. Pewitt's had enough injurys to go around
  4. Going with Texas High in this one
  5. We'll find out in a couple of weeks. Depends on how many starters we have returning
  6. I'M a Brahma fan, and i know better than to think that. Waskom is probably a little tougher after last week. no underestimating here. all respect.
  7. awful quite on here, come on jj get it going.
  8. But me as a fan of Pewitt, I still have a lot if respect for Arp, and Garrison both. Two good teams every year.
  9. gonna go with the wolves to win district. might be wrong, but i'm going with instinct.
  10. more prayers from Morris county. prayers console a family in time of sorrow
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