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  1. good luck to both teams, keep it injury free
  2. Going with Pewitt in a battle. the team with least mistakes will win. good luck to both teams, and injury free.
  3. pulling for tigers, gotta back morris county.
  4. kinda a little neutral in this district. should turn out to be some good games
  5. a pitt. fan said they should be alright after a few games
  6. should be an interesting season from the start. big question is, who will show up? Jefferson is the other non-district opponent. Just ready for some football!!!!!
  7. everybodys thoughts bout how non-district will pan out.
  8. nough bout the ' 13 season, over and done with. 2014 season almost here. who's gonna scrimmage who
  9. Hooks may surprise some people, not to be underestimated. that's what causes tweams a loss. I'm a bull fan. seen Hooks and Pewitt play several games.over the years, need to take hornets serious, as well as all of the district. this district has old rivalries. any one can take top spot. we'll see in the fall
  10. great, good to keep Waskom on schedule. need a good team to play early.
  11. enjoyed it. been a thrill playing the jackets. good luck and injury free next season
  12. regardless of who beat who when, i do agree that the Waskom -Hughes Springs Waskom-Paul Pewitt rivalries need to keep going.
  13. I work at atlas roofing in D'field. they said must be some mistake, said they would play tatum anytime.
  14. doesn't matter who either team play. just another pre- district game. If i recall correct waskom and pewitt played a couple times further back, and i recall waskom as saying they would put up so many points on pewitt. i was at that game turned out that pewitt almost set a school record on scoring.coach had field goal kicker purposefully kick field goal rto left to keep from scoring 72 points on waskom. think it was 05. might be wrong on year but i know pp put up 69
  15. congrats to Loboes. your coach is a classier guy
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