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  1. Just looked at score on refugio and cisco, Cisco is ahead 56 28 in 3rd. little over 2:00 min. left.
  2. seen uil man on halftime show between yoe and wall, and he said that they have already released the district realignments. is this true ? if so who is in what districts ?
  3. come on let's hear it. i know someone has an idea. know for sure in feb.
  4. Congrats. prayers going up.
  5. Good luck Lions, take care of business. north east texas running out of teams. stay injury free
  6. Congratulations Wildcats, made one heck of a run. was pulling for you'll to make state. fell one short. made East Texas proud. and 9 2a d 2. hopefully they'll keep you'll on schedule. at least non dist. " GO WILDCATS " state semi-finalist ' 13
  7. sounds like it's just his time of the month
  8. Refugio has more championships than Celina? more playoff appearances. more than Katy, Forney. just saying. Know Refugio is a powerhouse in 2 a didn't know they had 7 State Championships.
  9. that puts leonard in the edge of north central texas. they are just as good as any team further east. yes geographically they are considered in my book east texas. more on the western edge. but still a very dangerous team to play.
  10. gonna be a great game. two good teams in semis. one with great tradition, one working on a tradition.regardless who wins on scoreboard, both teams are still great. takes a lot of talent to play this deep. no head should hang after game. going with district rivals to win. good luck to both teams, and will pray for no injurys. Waskom.
  11. will know definite in a couple of months. still looks like competitive districts either way it goes.
  12. looks good, need 2 more teams. need to play more district games than non district
  13. the district realignment schedule will be out in February correct ?
  14. congratulations on the win last night. now carry district to semis, next week.
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