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  1. Congratulations Wildcats, made one heck of a run. was pulling for you'll to make state. fell one short. made East Texas proud. and 9 2a d 2. hopefully they'll keep you'll on schedule. at least non dist. " GO WILDCATS " state semi-finalist ' 13


    When I posted initially, I had no idea about the last TD, I had quit listening. WOW, can't say I'm surprised. I was actually giving them some credit because they play hard and don't quit, the Refugio kids deserve a ton of credit, they very easily could've lost 3 weeks ago and a lot of teams wouldn't have been able to pull of the wins they have. But man Herring pulled that b.s. again! Last year against E.B. in the 1st half of the QF game he went out to the middle of the field during a timeout and laid into his FG team, it was embarrassing, they had a false start penalty and he just jumped all over them in the middle of the field. I've never seen that period at any level of football. I've seen them play 7 times I believe since he's been there and he constantly gets out on the field and tries to intemidate the officials. He was out on the field last week after a penalty call also, we aren't talking just off the sidelines, 20-30 yards in the field of play. He tries to bully everyone, opposing teams, officials, that's why he was so bitter last year when they got punched in the mouth. I guarantee you if Cisco beats them he will be the same way. Look, it #### to lose, especially this deep in the playoffs, but you should win and lose with class. 16-18 year old kids may lose their cool occasionally, but the head coach needs to set a good example and not act like an idiot.

    sounds like it's just his time of the month


    Jim Ned has historically been a very average program at the very best. They had 3 to 4 decent seasons, one that was great, 2003, but they couldn't seal the deal. They've returned to mediocrity since then.


    Refugio on the other hand is rooted in winning. Right? They're a program with more playoff wins than any school in Texas and multiple championships. That's all Quintanilla and his teammates have seen and heard about while growing up in the community and all they have known since they started playing. Quintanilla and quite a few of his teammates have already won one championship, lost to last year's champion, and are very close to another championship. They know what it's all about.


    Doesn't mean Waskom can't be the one to take it all the way. Hoping for a great game!

    Refugio has more championships than Celina? more playoff appearances. more than Katy, Forney. just saying. Know Refugio is a powerhouse in 2 a didn't know they had 7 State Championships.

  4. Leonard is not in East Texas? Just north of Greenville? Just because they don't have a following on here doesn't mean they aren't East Texas... Where would you say they are geographically then?

    that puts leonard in the edge of north central texas. they are just as good as any team further east. yes geographically they are considered in my book east texas. more on the western edge. but still a very dangerous team to play.

  5. gonna be a great game. two good teams in semis. one with great tradition, one working on a tradition.regardless who wins on scoreboard, both teams are still great. takes a lot of talent to play this deep. no head should hang after game. going with district rivals to win. good luck to both teams, and will pray for no injurys. Waskom.

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