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  1. going with Pitt in this game. Go Pirates
  2. waskom in a blowout despite what j.j. says.
  3. one thing for sure, someone gets their first win this week. who will it be?
  4. just funning. went to D'Field 74'- 78'. had a lot of good memories. tigers always have tons of talent. in all sports. work with a lot of tiger fans. constant smack talk during football season.
  5. yes, looks like he's doin great. still a beast. is shock a freshman or sophmore?
  6. seen shock play last saturday night. Baylor isn't it?
  7. looks like two weeks in a row,nobody from opposing team wants to have fun. well, at least next week, will be plenty of fun. with p.p. playing e.f. should be plenty of smack.
  8. if D'Field went to the new 4a they wouldn't be very happy either. no more deep runs.
  9. like i stated before. it's anyones game on any friday. besides it don't always work out like that. p.p. beat socks off of o.c. last year. o.c. beat socks off of de kalb. de kalb beat p.p. by 7. doesn't make any sense. but it happens like that sometime. but it's only one man s opinion over another. it's all in fun. good luck rest of season.
  10. what's wrong with everybody on this thread? cat got their tongue. especially L.K. just a little friendly smack talk. nobody wants to come out and play.
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