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  1. If you do that as office rent then they'll come after you with osha rules for your house probably.... and who knows what other agency will be checking in your house!
  2. He talks when they're winning.... so there you go.
  3. Don't think it's been quite that long but it has been around 30. Waaayy too long.
  4. Well frankston is/was open with big sandy having to close down a couple weeks. Nevermind just saw the san Augustine game thread
  5. Didn't college education start to sky rocket when the government started offering guaranteed student loans... who came up with the loan plan and I bet the government Makes a bunch of $ off this. Can we just go a consumption tax of say 20% maybe 22%? Do this only if we do away income tax and social security taxes as well... this is waaaayyyy to simple and does away with more self righteous bureaucrats, and its employees
  6. A child lecturing adults... is that a kid wanting to be an adult you get adult repercussions.
  7. Gonna be another heart stopper... chain you better line them out
  8. I just wanted to thank you gentlemen (I use that term cautiously) for the entertainment while here in dallas at the hospital after my wife's surgery. I have laughed hard several times. I just have one question do the millionaires in Joaquin know monopoly $ isn't real or a million pesos isn't a the same as dollars? Just asking.
  9. I started to stick my toe in the water over there but don't want to get pulled in the deep end.
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