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  1. ALTO Game Game was tied after 1st Quarter. ND was moving the ball, but stalled a few times. Alto was being held with no big plays. 2nd Quarter-Eagles had a few bad breaks. #1 Low snap on Punt and was blocked which led to a score. #2 Interception behind the LOS and resulted in a score. #3 Again, a low snap on a punt and punters knee was down and ball was dead, resulted in a score. #4 Safety, Bad call on the Coach. then #5 Eight seconds on the clock before halftime and the Eagles kicked the ball to the fastest kid on the team and they run it back. Extremely bad call on the Coach. By this time, it was over. Just my 2 cents
  2. OK then yes. If the ND d-Back would have knocked the ball down instead of trying to intercept it, thus allowing the Jacksboro receiver to catch it at the 1, then the Interception would not have mattered. (Possibly).. Point is that He did'nt catch it. Could of, Should of, would of.........
  3. One Play didn't make or break the game for Jacksboro. I could say the same for ND. They were up by 14 and had some mistakes. The missed PAT by Jacksboro allowed for ND to take advantage of it. Both Teams will have opportunities. The one that makes the most out of it, WINS.
  4. Wow. Interesting for Volleyball & Baseball for those 2 schools Softball also.
  5. New Coach, Robbie Coplin, came in last year 2016. After the 0-10 Season. He is a former Lake Travis, Stephenville Assistant Coach. Been past of a # of Big School Championships. Very fast tempo and Passing oriented with QB. They have 3 other OB's and 2 of them can toss it abut 80% of present QB.
  6. Your dealing with kids that are 15,16,17 & maybe 18/19. All of your Probabilities are just guesses like spinning the bottle. They mean nothing. That goes for both sides. I look at the Mental side. The more Gunter wins, the more PRESSURE mounts on them from their winning streak. Yes, both have been winning to get to here, but only 1 team has gone through more adversity than the other. That makes ND stronger Mentally and could possibility be better for 1 Friday Night.
  7. Obviously, you have not played any Sports at a higher level. If you did, you would know what I mean.
  8. Your absolutely correct. The ND Team Seniors & Juniors were 0-10 in 2015. Now the are in the Regional Semi Final. How has more to lose? GUNTER DOES. Law of Probability dictates there is more pressure on them than the Eagles. How will they react if they get behind if that happens. These are kids and all the past #'s and wins mean nothing except their ups and downs. ND wins.
  9. No one expected ND to beat DF, they did. PP, they did, Winona, they did, Leonard, they did. Jacksboro, they did. Gunter, will they do the same? Somebody will lose. Is it time for Gunter to fall? Everthing is stacked against the Eagles, but they have been playing from behind all year. No one believed in them except themselves. That may be all that is needed. Either way, they will leave it all on the field Friday Night.
  10. Pax, Enjoy reading your analysis and the different Variables at play. This is again just a guessing game due to the fact that these are High School Players and not the College or Pro Ranks. Not sure how you would weight those factors. But one factor that can't be weighted, IMO, is the EMOTIONAL Factor. ND had a let down in the 1st half of PP because of the EMOTIONAL Factor with the DF Win the week before. They however were able to find it in the 4th Quarter to defeat PP. I tend to look more at the Emotional Factor and weight this more than others items..Jacksboro had this big win last week over Harmony and had to get up for it all week before. Will this effect them tonight? How do you prepare for ND less one day and totally redo your Defense to guard against the Pass. Both Teams have their plan. I't will be fun to see which teams so up. Thanks again for your Analysis, it is always apprecitated
  11. Yes, at the end of 2015, they removed the majority of the Coaching staff. New AD, Offensive Coordinator, Defensive Coordinator, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Girls Softball. Pretty much the entire program. The new AD and OFF Coordinator were from Lake Travis/Marble Falls. They brought in a Fast pace explosive offensive. You can see by the Stats of our QB & Receivers. The players are by far in the best shape than anyone we will play against. We wore DF down after 1 quarter and the same with others. For those who disagree, just watch the film. ND has had a great year so far but watch the other sports also. Basketball will make the Playoffs, Baseball, Softball also. Golf came out 4th in State last year and could do better this year. Not bad for a little country school.
  12. So what does it say about ND vs Winona? May have missed that prediction.
  13. Agree, Defense wins Championships. ND had a good year so far. After being 0-10 in 2015, things have definitely improved. I do know that the defense is getting better and better each week. So it will be fun to see how far they go.
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