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  1. LOL, people will Poop on a comment, yet won't post a retort to the comment. Must be a liberal snowflake. LOL
  2. Stangs win this one.. TK too much for them kittens to contain..
  3. They have some wrinkles from time to time... playing from behind in Slot-T can be done, there are passing plays, its all about execution in any offense, and for that matter, defense as well.
  4. If memory serves me correctly, he has been running over and through opposing defenses all year, and then this game, not so much... maybe it was a scheme that impeded his progress.
  5. Have a friend who told me last year that Redwater, the coaches told players, that they could choose football or FFA, or something of the like.... sounds like to me that he lost a lot at that moment or maybe even before that... I don't know this to be true, but when its said that there aren't many players and then what i heard, one can draw a conclusion.. just saying.
  6. Evidently, not about this offense... LOL... easy with the feelings... here you go... amazon might have it too... https://www.championshipproductions.com/cgi-bin/champ/p/Football/Texas-Slot-T-Offense-Overview-and-Basics_FD-05134A.html
  7. Move along dude... Even a broken watch is right twice a day. Did ya win some sort of regular season trophy for the win? LOL try to be humble ... in win and in defeat.
  8. Stangs will win this one, not a problem..
  9. dont ya know Eagle, It sure is nice that there are so many perfect people who can cast them stones, especially when other people cant openly see their "hidden" faults and sins...
  10. Its pretty easy to be a good coach and not be a decent human. Happens a lot more than people think.
  11. I would agree that extra attention should been taken to ensure no appearance of impropriety is done. So was the paperwork filled out? Was it deemed sufficient by someone? My point is that there are a certain few people who have these answers and many more who are speculating.
  12. If little Johnny took a backseat to a player whether ineligible or eligible, seems that the player outperformed him. A lot of speculation going around. The kids that were enrolled into that school had to have paperwork approved at some level, and that does not fall on the football coach, or whatever sport a kid plays. Athletic program is not the support staff. Coaches coach the players that come out to play. that is their job, not determining if someone moved in specifically to play a sport or because the parents or guardians moved for a job.
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