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  1. HS has always been the baseball school since I can remember.
  2. Catcher was tough. Looked like it didn’t even bother him.
  3. Sounds like the peanut prank exposed the privileged attitude that is prevalent in lake Travis football program. Win at all costs.
  4. “Travis ISD confirmed that students coated the teammate’s belongings in peanut products in October,” i don’t know how you coat clothing with peanuts but this definitely went beyond a practical joke.
  5. I heard when the steel mill near dangerfield was going strong many 5 star athletes Dads would get jobs there.
  6. Wow. I went to elemetary school in Sweeney in the early 70's.
  7. As someone with no dog in the fight if you had to choose one game to attend in person this Friday and Saturday, which game would it be?
  8. I've seen Honey Grove play and they reminded me of Mart. Is Timpson that good?
  9. Good run Deweyville. Mart on another level. Simms found this out last year in the third round.
  10. Be careful what you wish for. Mart on a different level.
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