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  1. Are there any American Legion baseball programs in Texarkana this year? I looked online and couldn't get a good read on it.
  2. Load the box and dare them to pass.
  3. If Tigers keep the swagger like the DF teams of old they can make a deep run in the playoffs.
  4. You live by the running game you are going to lose by the running game. Talk to New Boston who had stud running backs but couldn't get past the 3rd round because of limited passing game and good teams stopping the run in the 2nd half.
  5. Final score: Mineola 40 Sabine 33 Ouch!
  6. Maybe have the mercy rule in the playoffs? I would rather get back to my hometown earlier than watch a blowout and have to drive 2 hrs or more and get back after midnight.
  7. As long as D1 schools can lower academic standards for incoming recruits.
  8. Simms Pirates gets 3rd in district and will meet the Chilton Pirates at Bullard ISD stadium (located just south of Tyler). Don't know anything about Chilton so no poll. My prediction: Pirates win!
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