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  1. The ref that was tackled should file assault charges against the player and then sue the school for allowing the player to get back on the field. I hope the ref gets at least a 6 figure settlement.
  2. Thanks for the updates. How is NB looking next year?
  3. I'm guessing you didn't like the Split Back Veer.
  4. Will tickets be available at the game or limited to pre-purchase?
  5. The Carbondale bridge trophy will reside in James Bowie.
  6. I wonder if this will be a remake of the state championship game last year? I hear MV can score quick.
  7. Coach should make it known that any kids kneeling will be immediately removed from the team.
  8. This thread just isn't as lively without Naturboy!
  9. How's NB looking compared to 2016-2019 seasons? A good win for NB.
  10. Who is the coaching staff this year, kooldown?
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