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  1. This was just varsity. Sorry for the miscommunication on that.
  2. I agree. I will be at the game week 1 so I will be able to get a good fix on what could possibly happen. They play Pittsburg. Hopefully it will be a good game.
  3. It looks like MP is still down in numbers. So a lot dropped football again or not as many showed as I was previously told. They have maybe 30 players total. So it could be a rogu year for them. I am still hopeful bc I love them Tigers but knowing that they have no depth hurts them big time.
  4. Agree with you 100%. Although MP does have a good QB coming up from JV. But that wont be enough.
  5. They are running a new offense but I just found out that it is more like the offense that Sulphur Springs ran in 08 when they won the state chamionship. I think they called it the Nascar Offense. Oklahoma used to run the same offense. They had an intrasquad scrimmage today so I will know for sure what they are running.
  6. I dont know yet. It looks that way though. With a good rb core coming up and a good qb, it makes sense. They have 60 showing for varsity at 2-a-days. Tons more than the last few seasons.
  7. Im ready for football season to start. I get to travel down from Michigan to watch my nephew play on his last first game of his football career. It will be a classic rivalry game with hopefully some scoring fireworks. Also hopefully MP beating Pittsburg. If anyone wants to watch it will be on Mount Pleasant Tiger Athletics youtube channel.
  8. I will find out from one of the coaches about MP.
  9. 1. Texas High 2. Marshall/MP 3. MP/Marshall 4. Hallsville/Nac 5. Nac/Hallsville 6. PT 7. Whitehouse Honestly, i think the district favorite is and will always be Texas High unless something happens to help everyone get closer to them. I do think the big battle will be for 2nd in district. With the rumors of numbers showing up in MP then they might raise some cane. If they can get their turnovers and penalties in check then they should be fine. Marshall will be Marshall even with a new system getting put in place. Those two will be the best battle of the district. Hallsville might play some havoc as well. They had some tough games last season. They just gotta get their defense in check. You dont give up 44 pts a game and expect to win anything. Nac is a hard one to get a gage on. They are always right there but lose it in the end. They will be battling if out with Hallsville for the last playoff spot. PT is PT. Lets be honest, they will be back to their old selves. They just cant get out of their on way. Whitehouse, wow, all i can say is, they should try to make Mahomes proud and at least play spirited football. Their season will probably be an ugly one.
  10. I dont honestly know. I saw it from the coach.
  11. Posted by the new head coach today. OL is gonna be the strength of the offense.
  12. This just dropped from the new head coach in MP. Going back to the classic helmet from the 1970s.
  13. This is going to be the largest team Mt Pleasant has had since the 90s. This season could be special for Tiger fans.
  14. Got an updated version of the MP schedule. Gonna be a tough one for sure. They should win 3 of the first 4. Maybe win a few in district. Penalties and turnovers will most likely be an issue. They have a new head coach too. So a new playbook as well.
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