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  1. The good thing about MP's bond proposal 2 years ago was that there really wasnt any opposition. The high school got fully renovated. In 2002 however to replace all elementary schools was a lot harder. It took a couple years to get that one passed. They had started trying to get that bond passed in 2000. Hope Marshall can get theirs passed.
  2. Mp ladies move on 52-34. Mp boys move on 57-38. Still going strong and undefeated. Thinking both might be playing for a while. Those metroplex schools are starting to get worrysome especially on the boys side.
  3. Mp finished the season the same as the ladies, undefeated (33-0) after beating Tyler 73-54. They will play Porter in Palestine next Tuesday. Tough draw for Porter. Seen all of MPs home games on youtube, not really been sloppy. The only game they were sloppy was against Hallsville and had to fight to win that one. So beating MP is not out of the question. But I expect them to represent East Texas in the playoffs against the metroplex schools. GO TIGERS!!!
  4. Its definitely a first for MP. I remember growing up MP was a laughing stock in basketball but a force in football. It has completely flipped the script since the 90s.
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