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  1. 62-16. MP kept it close for a qtr and a half. Then it all came crashing down for the Tigers after the touchdown to put Emerson up 14-7.
  2. MP losing to Emerson is no surprise. But there was some questionable calls by the refs. One of which was a touchdown on a play where the chains werent set yet. Do the chains have to be set for a play to be ran? There was also a few punches, thrown after that play, by MP. They had some fire in them to start the game but after the punched thrown, the fire died. What is the rules on ejections for punches? Will the player be out for 1 half or 2 halves? If it is 2 halves then the MP player will miss the first half of the THigh game.
  3. Gameday. Safe travels to all Mavericks heading to MP for the game tonight. GO TIGERS BEAT THE MAVERICKS!!
  4. The #3 ranked team in 5A D2 travels to Mount Pleasant to take on the Tigers. The Mavericks come into the game 3-0 while the Tigers come into the game 2-0. The Tigers last game against LE being cancelled due to the weather. The Tigers came out a little flat in the game against LE which ended up putting them behind at the half 12-7 before the game was called. They may have been looking ahead to this game. I look for the Tigers to be ready for this as they can consider this a revenge game from last years beating at the hands of the Mavericks. Even though the Tigers will be ready, I do not think they will be able to handle the Mavs. They may stay close until halftime but I look for this to end up being a blowout. As A Tiger fan, I hope it is not a blowout. Especially with district play right around the corner.
  5. Definitely not say Emerson could beat those teams either. Just think they would have a great game with CHill. Carthage might have their way with them.
  6. I agree. I'm hoping MP can stay with them but its hard to see it happening.
  7. Gameday Safe travels to the Tigers, cheerleaders, band, Tiger Dolls and all the Tiger faithful going to Liberty Eylau tonight. GO TIGERS BEAT THE LEOPARDS!
  8. A lot of people won't respond to this post because of the 2 teams involved. There's not a lot of MP or LE fans on here. Typically MP posts will get some responses from district rivals. Just got to give it time.
  9. After a nice win over another rival, Mount Pleasant travels to face the Leopards of Liberty Eylau. LE was a long time district rival to MP. The Leopards come in 0-2 after losses to Henderson and getting blanked by Paris. The Tigers come in 2-0 after blowing out Pittsburg and beating Sulphur Springs. The defense of the Tigers was pitching a shutout till the 4th qtr of last weeks game. Then gave up 14 to the Wildcats. I hope the defense can continue their hot streak. As for the offense, they seem to be scoring at will only having to punt once against Pitt and 2 times against SS. Can the Tigers continue a amazing start to the season or can the Leopards be the team to stymie the Tigers?
  10. The thrown punch at the beginning really hurt SS. Yall lost a key defender and couldnt recover. I really think that took the wind out of the sails. But yall did come out really flat, it was surprising to see.
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