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  1. Mount Pleasant might have one of the top o-lines in the state. Took first in the qualifying tournament in Lindale. Gonna be tough for some d-lineman this coming season.
  2. Marshall is one of the classiest school districts I have ever seen. I saw on MPs facebook page that Marshall also did a black and gold day day for MP.
  3. Last one against Paris 2015. North Lamar was 2009, I think.
  4. Looking at the MP schedule for the year. The Tigers are losing key players on offense and on defense. So this season might be a wash. Although, according to coach Cluley, they have so me good JV and Freshman talent coming up.
  5. They kind of do the same in Michigan. Schools are divided into divisions. 1-8. 1 being largest, 8 being smallest except for 8 man. There are even 2 divisions for 8 man. So in total 10 state champions in Michigan. All sports are done this way.
  6. Agreed on the Whitehouse broadcast team. I had yo watch their broadcast when they played at MP. They are very much homers and always say something about officiating when it doesnt goes the Wildcats way.
  7. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they went ahead ad forfeited the game against Hallsville and end the season. But Cluley may not considering they have a slim to none chance of making the playoffs.
  8. The Tigers just dont have it tonight. Just getting outplayed and outcoached right now.
  9. Safe travels to the Wildcats, cheerleaders, band, drill team and fans heading to MP. GO TIGERS!!!
  10. Its also Homecoming as well. So mpre incentive for the Tigers to win.
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