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  1. Congrats Wildcats. OUTSTANDING game Lions. Two breathtaking games in a row to finish out your season. Look forward to seeing you guys in '21.
  2. Our fumble is the difference in the 1st half. Franklin doing good job stringing sweeps to the sideline.
  3. Let me know where you are sitting. Would like to finally meet you. Safe travels.
  4. Win or lose I'm taking day off to see the games on the 17th. After retirement in three years I plan on making all the games. Cedar Hill State Park is 10 minutes from AT&T. I plan on taking my travel trailer and making it a Wednesday-Saturday trip to see every game, 6 Man - 6A. That will be neat.
  5. ......and windy supposedly. Hope rain is on way out by kickoff, but I'm showing still 30% at 9pm.
  6. This will be tough, but I'm hoping for an ETX win. Go Timpson!!
  7. Go Waskom Wildcats!! Got the following Thursday off to get to AT&T.. Up to you now!!
  8. The tourney started with 64 teams. We stand today with the Final Four, Waskoms fourth Semi Final game this decade. The Seniors season has been extended another week, let's pray TWO!! 2020 has been weird in a lot of ways. COVID has kept much of the "12th Man" at home and not in the stands which we have been accustomed to over the years. Preseason predictions had our guys ranked no higher than third place in, arguably, the toughest 3A DIi District in the state. Our only loss of the season was a very winnable game to our arch rivals, whom we met again in the Regional Finals and BEAT in dramatic fashion. Injuries to several Cats, at key positions, did not keep the Wildcats from improving into the "second season", culminating in where we find ourselves today, a force to be reckoned with. The ride the guys have taken us on this season has been very memorable, with a few bumps in the road along the way, but through the adversity they have been able to conquer all odds and rise to the occasion over and over again. We play Franklin next, a team who is very confident that they can end our season, but then again, so did EF, Dangerfield, New Waverly and West Rusk. If nothing else, the Wildcats over this past decade has proven to be NOT an easy win for our opponents, even during the few down years that we have experienced. I see MANY deep playoff appearances for the Wildcats for many years to come. Thankful that I have been able to experience it first hand and look forward to sharing many more memorable moments in the future. My only advice to the guys on the field would be to STAY FOCUSED, BE FAST, BE PHYSICAL and to take care of one another. Go Wildcats. That is all, carry on.
  9. Round 5 Ticket Information Waskom versus Franklin Friday, December 11, 2020 Tyler’s Rose Stadium 7:30 pm Tickets $6.00 We are the home team. On Monday, they will send me a link to purchase tickets. I will post that link for you to purchase tickets. They will sell the remaining tickets at the gate. You can only purchase them at the gate with a credit card. They do not accept cash. We have 2,100 tickets available. Come early, stay late, and MAKE SOME NOISE! Wildcat Strong!
  10. With Marshall and EF and DF and PP and WR outta the playoff hunt I am sure we will pick up a few more fans.
  11. How bout that apparent block in the back *,(no call) by EF on the long TD run late in the game!! Bad calls for both in this one.
  12. I was looking for him as the team came out from the half, then seen him on crutches. Made a comment of such on the FSW app. The offense definitely missed him. Wish him well
  13. Believe anyone can go to Central Office and buy. Only Students at the High School though. They should have pleny of tickets night of game at Lobo tho.
  14. Round 4 Ticket Information Waskom versus EF. We are the home team. We have 1,400 tickets. We will sell them at the Waskom Central Office for the parents and community. Waskom High School will sell them to the students. You may purchase as many as you need. They will be on sale Monday through Thursday at the central office and high school. Friday you will have to purchase them at the gate in Lobo Stadium starting at 6:30. Game Information Friday, December 4th Longview at Lobo Stadium Game time is 7:30. Gates open at 6:30. Clear bags only allowed in the stadium. Tickets $6
  15. Don't know if Waskom will be there but I put in for the 17th of December off. I'm gonna watch whoever is there and probably the 2A Div II game also, which precedes the 3A Div II game. Hoping to see Timpson in that one.
  16. Hopefully someone from DF can shed some light on this. I have wondered all season why DF,'s #3 goes outta bounds practically every time he carried the ball near the sidelines, and practically throws it in the stands when he's given up on the pass. Have noticed that practically every game I have seen them play this year. Has the coach instructed him not to take the hit. Just seems he could have a lot more yardage than he ends up with.
  17. Hmmm..........or was that a "dream" you were having?
  18. Get tickets from Central office in Waskom, then pay $4 at the gate when you enter and surrender your ticket.
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