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  1. Has Johnny ever stayed anywhere more than a year? I guess this is the job he's been working towards but man he seems like a grass is always greener guy.
  2. What about some of the smaller schools playing their first few games at a large neutral stadium to allow their fans to be there and “social distance” at a larger stadium. Although with all of the COVID guidelines, I doubt the larger stadiums would even want to host or they would probably charge an arm and a leg to do it.
  3. Wow, hats off to UIL for making the right decision! Hopefully it doesn’t change. Now it’s up to the coaches, players, district and families to do their part to follow guidelines and stay safe!
  4. That’s the problem, people are more worried about who will get upset than doing what’s right. Real leaders must do what they believe is right and ignore the social media frenzy!
  5. I guess I’m confused how this means no sports. Leaving it up to the districts makes more sense to me because not all areas of the state are being hit as hard. Now we just need the districts to realize it’s okay to allow the kids and their families to make the choice to participate or not. I personally don’t think any of the districts should shut down, but districts in Houston, DFW, San Antonio, Austin etc would make much more sense to have more restrictions than more rural areas. Don’t give in to the cowards that are pushing the cancel culture. Write and talk to your superintendents, board mem
  6. Another issue with going online only that hasn’t been addressed a whole lot is what about the families that can’t afford daycare? Plus I would imagine daycare’s will be full and turning people away. Yea some mom’s will be home and be available to assist their children, but many won’t. So what will that look like? Going to be a lot of unsupervised kids that need supervision. Going to be a lot of “babysitting” of kids in groups at grandparents, neighbors houses or wherever. Some of these environments will be much LESS SAFE for the kids than being at school. If it were a guarantee th
  7. The parents and students should get to make that decision. No one is forcing anybody to play that doesn’t feel like taking those risks. People already make the decision on a daily basis when they get in their car and drive down the road as others have pointed out.
  8. Ok so if there’s an outbreak, then that particular district takes necessary measures just like we’ve done with the seasonal flu in the past. Why is that solution all of a sudden being thrown out the window by some? People that think it’s no big deal to go to exclusive online learning and no big deal to just cancel extracurricular activities don’t have a clue about what kids need. The damage will be much more significant than a virus that has a 99.9% recovery rate. If nothing else, the parents should have the right to choose!
  9. Ok... it’s EXTREMELY rare. There’s only been 13 deaths across the entire United States from ages 5-14 as of June 17th and I highly doubt those were all healthy kids. But we have people wanting to shut schools down. Wake up people! The cancel culture has got to stop!
  10. Stupidity is condemning half of an entire nation over 150 years later. It was a different time and a different culture. Yes slavery is wrong, but not all of the south owned slaves or was pro slavery. Many southerners fought for their homes, their land, and their families and countrymen. This may blow your mind, but there were some good people that lived in the South during the time of slavery. Obviously, there were plenty of evil men as well on both sides. Those people are dead and gone and God has already judged them. Maybe we should never make statues for any man or woman, because we are all
  11. Graham leaving USC for Diana?
  12. Lol, you're not a little concerned that one of your coaches leaves with all that inside knowledge to go to the worst place possible... you're biggest rival?!?
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