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  1. Any update on this job search?
  2. Any word on this job? Such a high profile position in East TX. Names floating around such as Switzer and Stoops and Austin make it interesting for anybody putting in an application.
  3. You know i love a good old fashioned slobber knocker! You said these boys from Woden fight like the boys from Oklahoma but I haven’t seen anything on here before last week?
  4. Gary has a great coach, (as did Timpson with those crazy guys that used to stomp and yell, made me laugh) and they will be good as the season goes along, always tough.
  5. Timpson used to have a couple of good basketball coaches. Where did those guys go?
  6. Good evening Smoaky-ites!! Good Ol' JR is looking for a slobber knocker of a game this Friday night. Where should I take the old Sooner Schooner this week?
  7. Word around WWE headquarters is the Timpson head boys basketball job is open. Anyone know what happened there?
  8. I guess his terrible antics worked out ok for them considering they made it to the Regional Tournament and won their district
  9. King you could say "Business has definitely picked up" with Coach Chatman on board. Good coach all the way around. Should have a a better basketball team now that the other guy left.
  10. For those of you following our live telecast, I think what ttowngrad is trying to say is that #8 from Timpson is gonna stomp a mud hole in Harleton's whole team and walk it dry like that cold and calculated Texas Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin.
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