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  1. Title IX..the biggest travesty in the history of sport!
  2. Clarksville/Atlanta '95 regional tournament final in Commerce.
  3. Not saying that at all. Officiating is everyone of those guys second job.
  4. Until the UIL starts holding officials accountable nothing is ever going to happen. On the other hand I agree 100% about the "how many games have yall reffed" thing. They need to give it a try!
  5. Didn't answer my question.. why do they call it "select ball?"
  6. Im just trying to figure out why they call it "select ball." There was no such thing as "select ball" when i played. It was called summer ball. Like I said Im just trying to figure out the meaning of "select ball." Whats so select about it??
  7. I don't even have kids brother! Select ball is a joke! See if you can find a percentage of how many of these so called "select" players go on to even play in the minors.
  8. Select meaning my parents have enough money to allow my kid to be "selected" to play summer ball.
  9. This is gonna give Title 9 a run for its money as the biggest travesty in the history of amateur athletics
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