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  1. Blue tigers all day I have faith that the grudge will fuel the fire the push the boys passed their bully. Even David killed Goliath
  2. They slept on us 91 them a town boys put on a shooting clinic
  3. Blowout? I wish I had saw this post sooner lol y’all funny
  4. From your ppl 30 minutes east lets go wildcats! Punch that ticket
  5. Friday night will be fun! I'm so excited like I'm playing 79 to 43
  6. Looks like the showdown will be Friday afternoon considering muenster and cville handle business Tuesday night.
  7. That hold the ball #### killing the tigers
  8. 38 to 21 halftime. Tigers let mcleod hit some. Deeeeep 3s
  9. I'm disappointed in mcleod. 20 to 5 end of 1st truth it was rough hahaha not even close! It's sad
  10. Today's the day mccleod plays a real team. Hahahaha
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