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  1. Lot of folks didn't see Lindale being better than LBJ either, but here they are.
  2. Gimme the Buckeyes, the contrarian pick. Probably need to add another thread with a better pronouncement, at least for our fans : Friday, December 18, 2020 AT&T Stadium Dallas Texas. Metzel’s Buckeyes going for FOURTH CROWN...
  3. Cannot wait to read what the rest of ya'll have to say about the pitiful second half by the Buckeyes. You DO NOT take your foot off the gas, until your side of the scoreboard reads "42". I understand slowing the game down and burning clock, but failing to make first downs and allowing Graham to dare dream of the upset in the second half was hard to watch, especially after the brilliant first half of play by the Buckeyes. We have been a 2nd half team, just about all year, but not tonight. Lots to work on this week.
  4. It did seem a bit over the top a few times. Glad it wasn't just me and my biased opinion. Gilmer has been known to get a penalty or dozen this year though.
  5. Graham is a very good team. Gilmer is between a very good and a great team. Carthage is a great team. Gilmer should win the game against Graham, but must limit mistakes and continue to limit backbreaking penalties. The Bucks seem to have gotten better as the season progressed. Keep it rolling Buckeyes and don't get to looking beyond this week.
  6. The first thing I noticed, before the game even started, was LJB had no class. That's my opinion. Other folks are entitled to their opinions, but if you want to lose support for sporting events, at all levels, keep making it about something else.
  7. Lindale could slow down and shorten the game with discipline and patience, but yeah, giving the ball to Jenkins and telling him not to try and score every time he touches the ball is kinda counter intuitive.
  8. Or, Carthage is way better than everyone else and makes the rest of Region 4 look bad.
  9. Hope you are right. Lindale will have advantage of discipline and better coaching. Will it be enough to offset the extreme athleticism of LBJ?
  10. Easy answer is LBJ, but if Lindale could go, "3 yards and a cloud of dust", the whole game and keep the LBJ offense off the field, maybe they have a chance.
  11. Ashton Haynes has truly been a gift this playoff run. He reminds me of the many Kilgore running backs we see on a regular basis, who just slice right through opposing defenses, over and over and over again and make it look easy. To look at Haynes, physical build does not grab your attention, but holy cow can he run the football. Hats off to that young man. Looking forward to his additional 2 years as a Buckeye.
  12. Yep, watched again and see his player coming in from the right also and he stopped him. Brings back bad memories (Dallas Roosevelt).
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