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  1. One of a few times that the Buckeyes were not able to match up well or rise to the occassion and run with the Dawgs. Hey, it happens. Especially if you routinely play great teams. Just bound to happen some years. Glad to pass the crown on to another unfortunate team. That Carthage-over-Gilmer score remains with us forever though.
  2. Congratulations to Timpson. Special and memorable team and a GREAT player in Bussey. Enjoy your State Championship! You guys are fun to watch.
  3. Pinning the Bears deep with the punts is backfiring for the Rattlers.
  4. SE Texas + NE Texas = East Texas, unless my math is wrong. However, when most(?) of us visualize East Texas, what we really "see", in our own little world, is NE Texas. Go ask folks in PN-G or maybe even Lufkin and the geography would probably be flipped and they would claim to be the "real" East Texas and us pretenders are really from NE Texas.
  5. Yes, our young defensive linemen would often be standing straight up, watching the play and after the play look around, bewildered, like what happened. Things finally clicked and they now understand their assignments. Much different defense now. Should be a good battle between both teams on Friday.
  6. This was a really fun game to watch with multiple momentum swings and thrills, right to the end. Congrats to the Tigers.
  7. I noticed the same. Seems like they stayed in a commercial break and the game restarted play before the broadcast came back. The video and audio stream was superb, however, which is never gauranteed, when depending on NFHS to get your football fix.
  8. Yes, we are all bored, waiting on the playoff games to start tonight. Please add more to keep us occupied until about 6pm tonight. Didn't know when I first started reading this thread, that popcorn would be such a tasty snack to enjoy this one with.
  9. Well, the way I heard it, several years ago, the Groveton coaches entered the transfer portal and were poached by Lovelady. So, there may be some truth to your view.
  10. Wow! Just when we were all getting over the couple of knuckle-headed PG posters on Facebook, wanting the UIL to look into officiating at the Carthage/PG game, now somebody is able to top it. Hilarious, thread!!! My only wish for Christmas is that there was a "UIL" to report our Gilmer Broadcast Crew to, for over-the-top homerism. Well, maybe not, they are entertaining, if nothing else, much like this thread.
  11. Maybe the "great" coach should have told his son, "Whatever you do, don't fumble the ball away to Gilmer, to end the game".
  12. Just gonna make the Dawgs even harder to stop next year. They will have a burning desire now.
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