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  1. Gee, I guess Carthage can plan on playing round ball, after this coming weekend. Sounds like PG is absolutely loaded. Were all of these D1 players out with injuries, when they played Gilmer?
  2. Pleasant Grove seems to be this years Pittsburg. Put in a new system to get the most out of the personel you got. Pittsburg had a nice run in last year's playoffs. This year, Pleasant Grove seems to have changed their offense, mid-season to improve their efficiency and options. I do not see the change making any difference against Carthage. They might be more dynamic on offense now, but their defense will not be able to contain the Dawgs. Then you have the Carthage defense and well, checkmate. Just did not see any "wow" atheletes playing for PG, when Gilmer played them. They have had 2 to 3 of those on each team the last few years. Make no mistake and do not underestimate them. They are still coached very well by Gipson and he will get the best out his players. I expect another 21+ point win by the Dawgs.
  3. Yes, I feel like the calls/non-calls/bad-calls were even for both teams. That interception/non-interception, would not have been a difference maker. What could have been a difference maker and swung the momentum over to Gilmer, was the long fade to the home sideline that Carthage intercepted. That has been a Buckeye bread-and- butter play all year. You couild tell the Dawgs had practiced defending against that play a lot. The safety came over in perfect position for the interception. To me, that was THE play that could have put more pressure on Carthage, had they not intercepted it. In the end, both teams showed why they were ranked #1 and #2. Good game and I look forward to Carthage finishing out with a perfect season and another championship.
  4. Our punt and overall kicking game really sucked against Rusk. Sometimes a team with a great punter can tilt the field in their favor. That happened when LE knocked Gilmer out in the first round. Will Middlebrooks was a amazing punter and pretty good QB. No, Gilmer does not have the best special teams, just good athletes, like Carthage. Some games, our special teams are the GOAT and sometimes they play like a 7th grade B-team. Our announcers make me cringe and roll my eyes a lot, as well. Take our broadcasters as fun entertainment and laugh at the outlandishness. 'Bout all we all can do, cause they ain't gonna change.
  5. Probably will not be close BUT, you should remember that this year's Buckeye Seniors were in that 70-14 game 2 years ago, so they should have a little more to prove, this time around. Yes, Carthage should win handily. I'll be there to support our team, even against tall odds against us.
  6. Not much to say except, Gilmer has been in more State Championship games in the last 2 years, than Carthage.
  7. You're saying we have a chance? Have you not been reading what the Carthage folks have been warning us about what is gonna happen?
  8. Gilmer's QB is young and learning, while making mistakes when under pressure, which is often because the offensive line has not seemed to jel this year. So, you are spot on about our offense being weaker than the defense. Offense can still hurt you, but the stiff Carthage defense should keep us under their thumb. Our main hope is that our defense can slow down the Dog offense, to keep us in the game and create turnovers. This is, if both get by this week's opponents.
  9. We all remember that time the Buckeyes played a 4 loss L-E team in the first round of the playoffs. Take nobody lightly.
  10. Yes, according to the Pittsburg ISD website. That's how I plan to get 'em.
  11. Misery surely loves company, as times have taken a turn for the worse at San Augustine, Groveton and Grapeland. I cannot remember all three being so down in the same year. Who else is missing from this group of hard luck or hard times teams?
  12. Probably all of them. We live in a different world from the one many of us grew up in, where only sailors and marines had decorated forearms.
  13. Yep. Tall and skinny if you can believe that. Went to Kilgore College before Oklahoma. Back when Groveton vs Alto was almost always a huge deal.
  14. Did they even get one first down in the first half?
  15. I opened the app at the start of our game and still had the problems from last week, so I uninstalled/reinstalled and the app worked very well. Sore spots, we had all mentioned, had definitely been worked on and mostly resolved.
  16. It was so much easier when our QBs had names like Stump and Poppy.
  17. I was afraid things like this would happen, as soon as we voted the county wet.
  18. Defenses doing enough to thwart the offenses, but nothing to brag about by either team. Think Kilgore threw one INT ... only turnover I remember.
  19. Best news of the night is, after uninstalling/reinstalling the Friday Football app, it works very well this week. Kudos to the developers for getting things back on track for us.
  20. 14-9 Gilmer, just before half. Pretty sloppy game by both teams, so far.
  21. In past years, Kilgore has always had a stellar run game, with enough passing to keep other teams honest on the back end. Is or will that be the Dog's MO again this year?
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