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  1. Someone has to be last. If they played each other, the resulting imbalance would cause the earth to disappear into a black hole.
  2. Nope. You're not gonna hear any complaints from us Gilmer faithful. I feel it's more about good coaching rather than recruiting. In case you haven't noticed, some years our recruiting seems to lag behind other schools. :P
  3. Now without us being able to see the video proof, this is just hearsay. It could have very easily just slipped out of his hand (with extreme force). :lol:
  4. Many Gilmer fans (me and my homeys included) did not attend the Prestonwood game last year due to seating (lack thereof). Yes, some fans attended, but nothing like normal ... advantage Prestonwood (not that they needed it last year).
  5. Yes, this is the same problem we have had in Gilmer (generations of family and groups of friends holding season reserved tickets forever, long waiting list, none available), but hopefully after this next week, there will be a reasonable and equitable resolution to the season reserved ticket problems you see everywhere ... empty seats and no way for others to easily fill those seats when the primary holders are not able to attend or simple choose not to go to the game any particular week. There have been some good recommendations and I'm hoping they get it right, since they have the golden opportunity now that the home side has been completely replaced with more reserved seating and the layout is requiring the review of everyone's seat assignments. At least we have hope at the moment. If they don't get it right, oh well, we are still just like everybody else.
  6. The grass and seats are always greener on the other side. They sure look cushy when you are on the other side on bleacher seats. I do bring my own stadium seat to make the best of it though.
  7. And those of us sitting on the vistor side holding our meager general adminission tickets look longingly over to the home side with all those nice cushy green arm rested reserved seats and note with angst that at least 1/3 of them are empty, aaaarg !!!
  8. All stadiums that have the home side facing the setting sun, should be disqualified from this discussion (hello Spring Hill). I will make an exception for Gladewater though, since it is one of my favorites. Maybe we should make a thread that lists all the stadiums where the home side faces the setting sun. Brutal in the first few games of the season.
  9. You left out Longview ... Oh, and in Longview's case they also seat all the general admission hometown fans on the "visitor" side with the visitors (home side is all reserved). Gee, why not just keep the visitors out of the stadium if you need all the seats for yourselves?
  10. They have some big boys coming up, but they are lacking execution at the QB,RB,WR positions in the lower grades. Good coaching could correct this, but it will take a while. I also had to suffer through the last year with the 7th and 8th grade with a nephew playing for them. Taking nothing away from the kids playing those positions ... they play their hearts out.
  11. That's what I read also ... a meet official was trying to be "helpful" by pointing out that his gesture would probably get a DQ at the state meet and the runner gave them some choice words and would not shut up and let it go.
  12. -1,000,000 ... We love our coach over here in Gilmer, but we understand your unhappiness, since you haven't been able to beat him at "his" game.
  13. He's a player I look forward to seeing again this year. Very impressive last year and very deserving of offers.
  14. Well, since the our Buckeyes have been called, small, weak, underweight, etc. on another forum, I guess the non-PHD argument would explain why we have to pay off the refs to be competitive. BTW, congrats again to Navasota.
  15. Congratulations Navasota. #68 is the most dominating player I saw all year in 3A. He is for sure a player. A complete team and coaching staff win. You guys are awesome and very deserving. Enjoy your first State Championship and we look forward to future matchups between our teams. It was a fun year for us and for you all I'm sure it was just a bit more fun and I'm sure your gonna savor your State Title for long time time to come.
  16. They only look at stats from regular season, no playoff stats. Still, doesn't take a genius to see where the votes are skewed toward players nearer the larger media outlets. More coverage by bigger papers makes the good, look better.
  17. Just goes to show, "there's one in every crowd". With all the support Gilmer fans will be bringing to the Daingerfield side of the stadium by showing up early to cheer for the Tigers, we have to endure one knucklehead that does not reciprocate. Thanks for nuttin Rottie.
  18. Everyone in Gilmer thought the same about this year. Little did we know that the coaching staff would have our youngsters out of "REBUILD" mode and fully "RELOADED" by the end of the season. Good luck to the CUJO Nation.
  19. It's ok doomer, Jerry World ain't got no track.
  20. I hear there is a little 4A school just up the road from EF in need of a good coach. We all follow the UHaul reports of coaching changes, King wouldn't even have to move ... keep the UHaul rental.
  21. Still some video floating around: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=5d2_1196803513
  22. Dallas Roosevelt ... nuff said.
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