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  1. I take it you're not from Longview? Buckeyes don't lose very often, so some of our fans get confused and act weird when the rare loss does happen.
  2. Hope it was just a honest mistake and not a sick prank.
  3. 51-27 Final Chapel Hill had 7 turnovers. Gilmer plays Kilgore next week Chapel Hill plays Van next week.
  4. Chapel Hill is WAY better than the score indicates. They have had a ton of turnovers. Typical first game mistakes by their offense.
  5. CH fumbles on their won 20. Gilmer adds another TD. 51-27 Gilmer Less than 5 minutes left.
  6. Gilmer goes on a LONG drive from their own 5 for a TD. 44-27 Around 6 minutes left.
  7. TD for CH. They go for 2 and don;t get it. 37-27
  8. CH fumbles inside their own 10. Gilmer has to settle for a FG. 37-21 Gilmer.
  9. CH completes long drive for TD to open 2nd Half. 34-21 Gilmer goes 3 and out.
  10. Buckeyes missed their last PAT attempt.
  11. If not for throwing the picks, they would probably be leading on the scoreboard now.
  12. CH threw 4 INTs in the first half. End of the Half. 34-14 Gilmer.
  13. CH does really well running the ball. They have had several bad snaps, but are extremely explosive. Don't read too much into this current score. They are a very dangerous team. Glad we won't face them later in the year.
  14. CH turns ball over on downs and Gilmer drives for another score, but miss PAT. 34-14 Gilmer, still in first half.
  15. Gilmer with another INT. 28-14 Gilmer with 8:16 left in the Half.
  16. CH drives down and scores again. 21-14 Gilmer leads at end of 1st Qtr.
  17. Gilmer intercepts CH again and scores on next play. 21-7 Gilmer.
  18. CH stopped Gilmer's first offensive drive, then drove down the field for a TD. Gilmer ran ensuing KO back for TD. CH threw INT on the end of field and Gilmer ran it back to the 5 and then scored TD. Currently 14-7, Gilmer leading.
  19. Something about, "Let people wonder if you are stupid, or open your mouth and remove all doubt"? CH is a very talented team and we know to respect the 'Dogs. Gonna be a good learning experience for the young Buckeyes.
  20. Just as I figured. Buckeyes got nuttin' this year. Barely able to hang with a team from smaller classification that was missing about half their starters. Could be a "long" year.
  21. I would pay AND wait hours in line to see those games.
  22. Corner of 1844 & 300 is Gilmer ISD, so actually less than 3 minutes, unless you are jogging, rather than driving.
  23. He better just simma down now, cause I know his Mama. Don't make me have to go there.
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