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  1. Just as I figured. Buckeyes got nuttin' this year. Barely able to hang with a team from smaller classification that was missing about half their starters. Could be a "long" year.
  2. I would pay AND wait hours in line to see those games.
  3. Corner of 1844 & 300 is Gilmer ISD, so actually less than 3 minutes, unless you are jogging, rather than driving.
  4. He better just simma down now, cause I know his Mama. Don't make me have to go there.
  5. You need to expand your time horizon and learn more about Groveton's history.
  6. Strike while the iron is hot. Maybe he can get a certain someone to transfer from Lamar after next season. Congratulations to Coach Bell.
  7. I have only ever known of East Texas and Deep East Texas. These froofy new areas like North East Texas, South East Texas are silly. Must be some made up stuff by them big city folks.
  8. Most years, 4A and 3A from East Texas represent well in the Title Games, but you are right, majority of other classes, year in, year out are better represented by other parts of the state.
  9. Now that we have given our opinions about the Quarterbacks. Who has the best Runningback? We have very good 'backs, Haynes and Jackson in Gilmer, but China Spring has more than one stud at the same position. Who has the advantage here?
  10. You should find some video of the Caddo Mills QB from last year. He was all world, carried the team on his back, a real war horse, nobody would beat him, so everyone said, until CM bumped into Gilmer. Bowden will give the Buckeyes fits, for sure, just gotta limit how much damage he does. Gonna be a war on the field and I expect a close game. Both teams have notable strengths, with only Gilmer's penalty issues being a significant weakness for either team.
  11. I think 'Beers is baiting you into a trap Jett. He's right ... no way Shiner beats Refugio "tonight".
  12. Shiner looked weak on PAT kicks. They missed several. They should just line up and hand the ball to #1 on every extra point try.
  13. Looks like D.Mack from Gladewater playing for Shiner. He could be BIG trouble for Refugio from the looks of that long run.
  14. NFHS here. Has a logo in top right of screen that says, "Dave Campbell's Texan Live".
  15. Sadly, Gilmer fans also seem way too complacent and docile these days, as well. Hard to keep the energy up, when teams are on cruise-control, with wins coming in long strings and loses extremely rare. Everyone just expects their teams to keep winning, even without the loud and crazy fan support, that got them rolling in years past.
  16. That is the link I used to purchase from. Must be having a glitch, as you say. I did not have to login, just provided contact info.
  17. I can guarantee the Vandals will have no trouble keeping their drives going, if the Buckeyes keep racking up the penalty yards. Our boys keep giving the Refs reasons to throw the laundry and it will eventually get them beat.
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