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  1. Gilmer played a lackluster game, with just enough to win. Godley was as efficient with their passing game as PG is with their run game. Great game from Godley. They were scrappy and focused. Their QB is the best passer we have seen yet.
  2. I was expecting Lindale again for next week. TexasBob does show Athens to be about the same capacity as Jeff Traylor Stadium, so we should be good on being able to spread out, since this is Sunnyvale and not PG that we will be playing next. Now the following week, if we make it, we will definitely need a LARGER stadium.
  3. What is your justification for the Gilmer player being ejected?
  4. Score is no indication of how dangerous Atlanta could be. They have a couple slippery speedsters, so look out. Gilmer's depth finally showed big in the second half.
  5. The live stream is buffering from time to time. Our commentators may want to NOT talk quite as much, to preserve the bandwidth for the video.
  6. I have the same problem. Tried different web browsers and same problem in all of them.
  7. They sure won a lot under Jack Murphy, back in the day.
  8. Both. It seems at times that we could (and have) overcome 3 turnovers if we didn't have all the penalties.
  9. Try zero penalties and I am pretty sure you would be very close.
  10. How many penalties did Farmersville have last week?
  11. We may very well get to see, with The Hill in the playoffs this year. SH is a dang good team. Don't overlook them.
  12. I didn't know your Mother had moved.
  13. Injured in Van game. Came in for one play and never came back.
  14. Van still has lots of potential success. Without the improved Gilmer defense, last nights game would have been much closer.
  15. Have them get back to us, when WOS has played for more than a century and has played well over 600 games. Until then, they are just a flash in the pan.
  16. Congratulations to the Hawks! Clearly the better team. The Buckeyes just never seemed to jell and overcome the weaknesses that we saw from the beginning of the season. Grateful to have made it to the 3rd round and somewhat surprised we made this far. Pleasant Grove is supremely consistent and polished. Gilmer was athletic, but unpolished and rough around the edges. Would have taken several mistakes from the Hawks to keep this game close and they don't make mistakes. That is the measure of a true championship caliber team, limit mistakes and take your opponent out of their comfort zone, forcing mistakes from them. Good luck next week, PG. Ya'll are doing all the right things to win another title.
  17. Does anyone like the Allen Stadium? I went to a Longview playoff game there last year and I'll admit, the stadium looks very, very nice, but the seats are jammed WAY too close together and made the experience less than comfortable. It was extremely difficult to get out and back down your row, to go to concessions and restrooms. Maybe it's just me?
  18. A healthy Webb and a returning Montgomery would do wonders to take some pressure off the two-timein QB situation we have now. No way they let the young gun move up to starting QB now. Webb is just as important, if not more so, on the defensive side of the ball. If Webb is getting better, this could be like Gladewater's breakout playoff run of a few years ago, when they discovered they could just give the ball to Mack and let him run over people. Webb won't run over people, but he sure has field vision, when healthy and can make the cuts.
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